8 Great Tips for Looking After Your Pet’s Coat in Summer

how to care for dog's fur coat in summer
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Summer can be a great time of year for dogs – more outdoor time with your favourite human, doggie paddling, a plethora of fun dog-friendly happenings, and delicious sausages straight off the BBQ! But when you are wearing a fur coat, the warmer temperatures can also be uncomfortable and a source of undesirable issues for your coat!

From cooling mats for dogs to Pawsecco ice pops, there’s plenty of ways to help keep your dog cool but a summer fur care regime, particularly for those with longer or fluffier coats, will help them stay comfy and healthy.

Daniela Forshaw, groomer to the celebs and grooming expert at Pet Teezer, the life-changing pet de-tangler, shares her top tips for making your dog’s summer a cool breeze:

pet teezer dog brush
Pet Teezer De-Tangling Pet Brushes
  1. Resist the buzz cut. While you might think shaving off your dog’s thick coat will help reduce their body temperature, it can actually have the opposite effect. Shaving short, particularly with short-coated dogs also carries the risk of sunburn. A dog’s fur has a way of regulating, so unless you really think it’s causing them distress, leave as is and concentrate on brushing.
  2. Keep your dog’s undercoat in check. The warmer temps increase shedding and a loose undercoat is a trap for bacteria and can contribute to overheating. Whether a heavy shedding breed such as the Golden Retriever or Pomeranian or light (Labradoodles, Shih Tzu’s, West Highland Terriers etc), the PetTeezer DeShedder will keep rogue fur at bay. Plus, the configuration of the two-teeth technology means the excess fur stays in the brush and not left on your carpet
  3. Keep your dog’s coat tangle-free! Tangles can easily turn into matting, which can cause skin irritation, restrict body movement and is uncomfortable to undo. The PetTeezer De-Tangler will keep your dog’s locks flowing free.
  4. Groom regularly (two to three times a week) as this will not only keep their fur tip top but help spot any hidden problems brought on by the summer season such as grass seeds, ticks and fleas.
  5. Pay attention to paws. Check in between their toes for ticks, grass or anything else unsavoury they may have picked up. With all the extra summer walks, be sure to keep their nails trimmed and maintained too, to avoid catching and painful tears.
  6. Keep ears tangle-free and clean to prevent infection and expensive trips to the vets. Whether it’s dangling in their food or water, or from mouthing play with other dogs – ear fur can easily get tangled. Metal tools can scratch, pull and hurt whereas the Pet Teezer De-Tangling Brush is gentle for the sensitive ear area, both inside and out.
  7. Check the ear canal too and if yours’ is an avid swimmer pay extra attention, as those with fold over ears can be prone to infection. A squeezed out, damp cotton wool will help clean out gunk or remove excess moisture from their ears.

Do you have some great tips for keeping your pet’s skin and coat in great condition in summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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