2019: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Romantic Cat Lovers

Stylish cat lovers, rejoice! Never has it been more fashionable to be a feline fan. This Valentine’s Day, get a gift you really want thanks to our round-up of gifts for the romantic cat fan. It’s time to start dropping those hints. You deserve it!

  1. Cat & Mouse Necklace, Tatty Devine
  2. Illustrated Animals Cat Rose Gold Watch, Olivia Burton
  3. Kirstie Cross Body Leather Cat Bag, Ted Baker
  4. House Cats Slippers, Charlotte Olympia
  5. Spademals Smitten Kitten Dangle, Kate Spade
  6. Cat Print Yellow Organiser, Oliver Bonas
  7. World’s Best Cat Mum Mug, Etsy
  8. Cat Lady Jacket, Miss Patina
  9. I Love You Even Though You’re Not A Cat Card, Veronica Dearly

Which is your favourite gift? Tell us in the comments below!

Aideen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, from Northern Ireland. She grew up with a sassy tabby cat, named Lucky, who proved unlucky by nature, creating mischief wherever her paws took her. She currently has a British Shorthair cat called Indy, who has a penchant for the finer things in life. She loves combining her passion for writing, fashion and cats, spending her days blogging with Indy by her side.

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