8 Male Celebrity Cat Owners Breaking Hearts (and Stereotypes)

Here at StyleTails, we’re all about breaking stereotypes. Up there with the crazy cat lady, is the notion that men don’t like cats. But thankfully, recent research has turned this myth on its head. In fact, man’s best friend has got some serious competition, with new findings indicating that cats are stealing the heart’s of men all across the UK (and ours with it).

According to a study by the Pet Food Manufacture’s Association (PFMA), cat ownership in the UK is up 16% from 2016, with approximately one million more men choosing to adopt a furry feline friend, meaning that around 5.5 million men are now cat owners in the UK.

So what has led to this rise in male moggie lovers? It might have something to do with the number of male celebrity cat owners such as Russell Brand and Ed Sheeran taking to Instagram with their cat companions, showing that perhaps men are now finding out what we knew all along… that cats really do make the best of pets.

Plus, dating sites have also claimed that owning a cat makes men more attractive, with many websites advising blokes to include their feline in their profile photos!

So, in honour of International Men’s Day, there’s no better time than now to round up a host of male celebrities who are proud to be cat owners…


Mischievous moggies, Dorito and Calippo are ginger (not by chance, we’re sure) and Ed frequently showcases their curiosity on his feed. Plus, the duo now have their very own Instagram account @thwibbles.



The Pretty Little Liars actor owns several cats and regularly helps local kitties in need of a new home.  


Ian Somerhalder of Vampire Diaries fame, has posed on the pages of People magazine with his cat, created guides on how to care for feral cats on his charity’s website and even fundraised to start an animal sanctuary. Swoon!

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4th of July push-ups…

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A self-professed animal avenger, the British comedian enjoys nothing more than chilling out with his Siamese cat, Ollie and we can’t blame him.

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Hairy armpit.

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The outspoken comedian definitely has a soft side, highlighted by his regular updates of his beloved black and white cat, Morrissey on Instagram.

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This guy is still going strong. #Morrissey

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The Glee star regularly showcases the adventures of his gorgeous tabby cat, Brian, who is a willing selfie participant.


Karl’s love for his kitty Choupette is brought to life in his collection of clothing and accessories and his Instagram feed frequently sees her stop by. She also has her own dedicated account here. Check out our exclusive interview with Choupette


The Iron Man and Zodiac actor is devoted to his loyal cat companions, Montgomery and Dartanian, who ooze class!

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Happy International Men’s Day, and extra love to all you cat owners breaking stereotypes!


Aideen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, from Northern Ireland. She grew up with a sassy tabby cat, named Lucky, who proved unlucky by nature, creating mischief wherever her paws took her. She currently has a British Shorthair cat called Indy, who has a penchant for the finer things in life. She loves combining her passion for writing, fashion and cats, spending her days blogging with Indy by her side.

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