7 Alternatives to the Plastic Dog Cone

Most dog owners are familiar with the cone of shame – the dreaded lampshade-shaped piece of plastic that drives dogs to distraction. It’s easy to see why, too. The plastic is hard, the edges are sharp, and there’s just no way to lie down comfortably with one on. As evidenced by my pup Bear below…

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But while Elizabethan collars (as they are officially called) are standard issue at the vet’s surgery, there are plenty of alternatives. Here’s seven that up the comfort factor, while still keeping your pup’s teeth from getting them into trouble.


It’s hard to make e-collars look attractive, but Etsy seller Million Dogs has had a good go. Its handmade cones are covered in soft cotton, in a range of patterns including parrots, flamingoes and, our favourite, a classic geometric. Available at etsy.com

suitical dog recovery suit


When is a cone of shame not a cone of shame? When it’s a onesie of course. For those who simply can’t tolerate the classic cone comes this alternative from Suitical. It’s made from soft breathable material, so it’s supremely comfortable, and fastens securely under the belly so there’s no chance your dog’s going to wriggle out of it. Choose from blue and pink camo or classic black for the minimalists. Available at www.amazon.co.uk.


The inflatable - kong cloud collar


Plastic cones often get in the way of pets’ ability to eat and drink, but Kong’s inflatable cloud collar leaves your dog’s face free to do its thing. It’s also extra comfy, doubling as a pillow for those post-surgery snoozes. Available at www.amazon.co.uk.

stylish dog cone


Alfie makes a range of cone alternatives, including a set of brightly coloured soft recovery collars. They come in several sizes, to suit all dogs, and have an easy-to-fit collar drawstring. There’s two shades of tartan and a sunflower-shaped version which may (or may not) cheer your dog up. Available at www.alfiepet.com

The upgrade - vivifying pet cone


If your dog doesn’t mind their protective collar, but you’re looking for something a bit easier on the eye, the Vivifying pet cone is a good alternative. Its material base is more comfortable round pooches’ necks, and the entire collar is framed with blue piping. Certainly an improvement on bare plastic. Available at www.amazon.co.uk. 


the comfy one - comfy cone


The Comfy Cone is an Amazon bestseller, and has earned itself more than a few five star reviews for its soft washable fabric, velcro fastening and adjustable collar. This one’s a straightforward improvement on the classic plastic cone, letting your dog eat and sleep more comfortably. It folds back if needed, and even has reflective trim – for those late night walkies. Available at www.amazon.co.uk. 

the novelty cone - delifur


There are plenty of soft alternatives to the standard cone, but not all of them are as cheerful as this bright  e-collar by Delifur – which specialises in novelty dog goods. While your dog won’t be able to fully appreciate all the colours, you definitely will, and it might even help lift some of that guilt you feel every time you put it on. Available at www.amazon.co.uk. 

Have you spotted any interesting alternatives to the plastic dog cone? Tell us in the comments below!

Emma Tucker is a London-based writer and editor, who's been covering all things design-related for the past six years. After studying English Literature she spent several years working at magazines including Dezeen and Creative Review, before going freelance. Emma's now a regular contributor to several magazines, including The Spaces and Pitch, and also works with design brands on copywriting and editorial projects. On a day-to-day basis she's assisted by puppy PA and cockapoo Bear.

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    Mark Findlay

    There are better alternatives these days, I use VetMedWear in my company. Dogs and cats tolerate the gown very well. It washes nicely and is easy to put it on.


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