7 Surprising Snacks You Can Give Your Dog

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Feeding your dog can be a minefield. There’s so much conflicting advice about what’s good and what’s not, and so many opinions shared online, that even deciding on the right kibble can feel impossible. But when it comes to snacks, things are a little bit more straightforward – especially when you’ve probably already got some ready-to-eat nibbles stashed in your store cupboard. So whether you’re after a quick fix for a hungry pup, or you’re ready to hit the kitchen, read on for seven snacks that’ll get your dog drooling.

This article is only intended as guidance, if you have questions or concerns about the suitability of certain foods for your pet, you should always seek professional advice from your vet.


If you’ve got a determined chewer, a good carrot might keep them away from the furniture. Not only are they full of vitamins and low in calories, they’ve got a satisfying crunch to them. Stick one in the freezer to soothe teething pups’ gums, or grate into your dog’s bowl to liven up dinner.


Plain, sugar-free natural yoghurt is surprisingly popular with many dogs – although test it in small quantities to start with, to make sure your pooch isn’t lactose intolerant. It offers plenty of probiotic benefits, and can also be frozen in toys for as a cooling treat for hot days.


Dogs enjoy the occasional sweet treat, just like humans do, and bananas are a healthy option – rich in potassium and high in fibre. Make sure you remove the peel, as this can be hard to digest.


If you’ve got a skinny pup that needs feeding up, then scrambled eggs are a good source of protein and are easy to digest. They’re packed with nutrients, and help add some variety in between meals which is good for those finicky pooches. Followers of the BARF diet even suggest feeding dogs a raw egg every now and then.


There’s few fruits more refreshing than the watermelon, and on a warm day you might want to share a slice with your dog (after you’ve removed the seeds and the rind first). Not only is it low in fat, but watermelons are also 92% water, meaning they’re handy for keeping hot dogs well hydrated.


Packed with tuna and spinach, these home-cooked biscuity treats are both healthy and delicious. Invest in a bone-shaped cutter if you want to up the novelty factor, or just slice them up into handy treat-sized chunks.


This one’s definitely for the more devoted dog owners, as it requires you to get hands-on with some raw kidney. Not only is kidney a healthy treat – and one that tickles most pooches’ palates – it’s easy to make your own oven-dried treats. We can’t promise the house is going to smell like a flower afterwards though. Get the recipe here

What are your favourite healthy go-to dog snacks? Tell us in the comments below!

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