Must-Have Wedding Accessories for the Dapper Dog

dog friendly wedding

Image: de la barra photography

If your dog could talk, he’d probably be as excited about your wedding as you are. But, just like any bride, there’s one big question – what to wear? Luckily, there’s no shortage of options to choose from, whether you’ve got a boxer in need of a bandana, or a bulldog after a bowtie.  

We’ve scoured the internet for the most dapper dogs on display – everything from the more minimal wedding ensembles, to pooches that went all out on a crazy print – and then shown you how to recreate those looks. Hey, if Meghan Markle’s beagle Guy was invited to the royal wedding, he’d probably be browsing these too.  

Images: Volatile Photography | etsy


Grooms can go matchy-matchy, with this tailored tuxedo harness. You can choose from classic black and white, or put in a custom order and go all out with a bespoke lead and dog bag (handy for keeping that ring safe).  

Images: Caroline Lima | Etsy


There’s no such thing as too many flowers, so why not drape them round your dog as well? This handmade floral garland can be worn round the neck, or as a crown on the more patient canine wedding guests.    

Images: | Louise Podlich for


Planning an elaborate wedding? Give your festivities an Elizabethan touch with a silk organza ruff. It’s made-to-order in four different sizes, and gets even the toughest looking dog wedding ready.

Images: Janelle Rodriguez photography | Hiro + Wolf


Bow ties are an absolute classic, and there’s no arguing with this Hiro + Wolf checked tie, made in vibrant East African fabric. Perfect if you want your pooch to stand out on the day.  

Images: etsy | Shelby Steckbauer @shelbyraephotographs


When your dog is your best bro, there’s no doubting he’ll be walking up the aisle with you. Deck him out in this personalised ‘best dog’ wedding bandana – and make your guests go ahhhhh, as he proudly prances up the aisle next to you.  

Images: Dogs and Weddings | etsy


Sometimes you want to keep it traditional, and that’s where the doggy wedding tie comes in. A good choice for the long-legged dog that has the room to carry off a slightly bigger wedding accessory.

Images: Jose Villa Photography | Vackertass Supply Co.


There’s nothing wrong with keeping it minimal – after all, no-one wants to be upstaged by their pup. This Vackertass Supply Co collar comes in a range of colours, meaning you can match it to your wedding palette.  

Did you dog play a part in your big day? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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