10 of the Most Stylish Cat Owners on Instagram

Model Rose Smith with Lola & Bandit @girlsandtheircats

There’s no denying that cat owners are seriously stylish, and thanks to Instagram, there’s a wealth of fashionable #catladys at your fingertips. Offering the perfect mixture of on-trend style and chic cats, here’s our round up of the cat owners on Instagram that you need to follow.

  1. Hannah Thinnesen Trickett @han_house

It doesn’t get much more stylish than interior designer Hannah Thinnesen Trickett’s gram. Originally from the UK and now living in Copenhagen, Hannah combines photos of her stylish home, Scandinavian lifestyle and super cute tabby cat, Hansel for a refreshing feed, which focuses on the beauty of minimalism.

2. Molly Beth Young @mollybethyoung

Molly’s Instagram feed is a reflection of her life in New York as a published author and contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine. Her Abyssinian cat Helen, features heavily on her page, and can usually be spotted napping in an array of cosy spots in her home.

Puffy Fluffles: the undisputed queen of the household ?? Chair is my design.

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3. Doe Deere @doedeere

Founder of Lime Crime cosmetics and Russian fashion icon, Doe Deere’s home is an eclectic dream. Her Persian cats, Chester and Puffy Fluffles (actual name) feature predominately in her posts. Her page combines her opulent home, extravagant style and pretty Persians, guaranteed to get you hooked.

4. Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady

Hannah Shaw is our kinda gal. The professional kitten rescuer and humane educator is on a mission to change the world for the tiniest felines. The tattooed lady’s style is all about throwing it back to a bygone era. If you ever need a pick-me-up, her page is packed full of gorgeous rescue kittens, to instantly bring warmth to your heart.

5. Jessica Matlin @jessicamatlin

Beauty and Health Director of Teen Vogue, Jessica Matlin’s maine coon, Janetta, is always by her stylish side. The beauty guru frequently writes about animal welfare and routinely volunteers for a cat charity.

Babi ?? @lucindataffs

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6. Rose Smith @rosesmith

Aussie model in NYC, Rose Smith’s fashionable Instagram offering showcases her cool girl style, sure to get you double tapping. Her adorable cat Lola (who is obsessed with water) is as good on camera as her owner. Follow Rose’s career in NYC and catch up on Lola’s shenanigans. We love that she’s a fan of floral prints, offering perfect #inspo for your spring wardrobe.

Good morning ? from tiger and lion ???

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7. Mireia Arpa @mireia_arpa

Art, literature, nature and vintage beauty are the focus of Mireia’s gram. Cute collars and floral prints make her style enviable, while tabby cat Obi is the perfect addition to her shots.

Had the distinct honor of shooting for @girlsandtheircats ? #adoptdontshop ___ “Atticus (see also: Fatticus; Fatty-Cakes) walked – literally – into my life spring of 2013. On the invitation of a can of tuna served on the front stoop, the bold little thing, just under a year I’d have guessed by weight and length, waltzed into my apartment, at the time shared with three other girls (all confessed “dog people”) and, as can obviously be assumed, never left. It wasn’t unusual to see strays on the streets of North Philly. Among many other things (few cheerful, positive, or cuddly) North Philly was known for its abundance of stray cats. Atticus was one of their lot wholeheartedly; took no shit, feared no dogs, ate straight up anything. He was the sort of cat that people who said they hated cats came to love. You could wrestle with him like a pup, cuddle with him like an old, raggedy stuffed animal, and share a midnight munchie – his favorite being 35 cent Oodles n’ Noodles. Food, it would turn out, was something Atticus really, really enjoyed. Perhaps it was those formative months spent scrounging the unforgiving and un-bountiful city streets that instilled in him the dire desire to dine. Or maybe he’s on, still, a lifelong culinary quest to satisfy those original cravings that only back alley bodega dumpster diving can sate. In any case, he quickly became a sizable companion whom I lugged – lifting from the legs not the back – from city to city. Together, we moved back home to Pittsburgh and converted my deathly allergic childhood best friend into a roomie and, after not too long, willing cat-cuddle-buddy. He was an outdoor cat and it wasn’t long before our backyard filled with the small femurs, skulls and shoulder girdles of unidentifiable rodents. Atticus grew a rap on the street. Neighbors greeted him by name, invited him in for dinner, walked with him to the bus stop in the morning. One woman mentioned casually that she came home one night to find him already inside of her apartment, waiting to warmly greet her.” Read the full story at @girlsandtheircats ?

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8. Nomi Leasure @knowmelea

Blogger and magazine columnist Nomi Leasure’s style definitely has us crushing. From #OOTN to #OOTN, Nomi never gets it wrong. Her Instagram feed is a chic portrayal of her love for cats, cocktails and print magazines. Plus, her cat companions, Atticus and Scout have won our hearts, particularly when they nap together. Swoon!

9. Catherine Willett @cavy.cat

Illustrator Catherine Willett’s feed is a dream, striking the perfect balance of fashion, art, travel and of course, her fluffy ginger maine coon Edgar. We’re all about her daytime dressing, which has us longing for the perfect biker jacket this spring.

10. Ashley Jane @ashleyjaynem

A cat in a hat… oh my! We don’t know whether we love Ashley Jayne or her cat Oliver’s style more! Ashley’s feed gives us vintage vibes and she rocks a hat as well as her cute kitty. Her whimsical Victorian style has us dreaming of a bygone era and has inspired us to shop vintage this season.

Aideen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, from Northern Ireland. She grew up with a sassy tabby cat, named Lucky, who proved unlucky by nature, creating mischief wherever her paws took her. She currently has a British Shorthair cat called Indy, who has a penchant for the finer things in life. She loves combining her passion for writing, fashion and cats, spending her days blogging with Indy by her side.

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