5 Homemade Meals Your Cat Will Love You For

home made cat recipes

Nothing says I love you quite like a home made meal. And while many pet parents may get their elbows dirty in the kitchen to create a loving treat for their companions, have you ever thought of making their main meal from scratch?

Whether a hopeless cook or an aspiring chef de sous, why not make 2018 the year that you treat your kitty to some lovingly made kitchen creations? Sure they take a bit more time to whip up but your cat will surely show their gratitude in their own ‘special’ way. To get you started, we’ve hunted high and low for some fabulously feline recipes to try – and here’s a select few of our favourites.


We humans eat three very different meals a day, so why not kick start your feline friend’s day with a dish not dissimilar to an omelette?  Made with ingredients easily sourced from your fridge, this breakfast dish from The Spruce will be sure to win you brownie points with your cat, into the morning and beyond. Get the recipe here

Cat food recipe


Salmon is a great source of protein for your furry friend, and this tasty cat dinner dish offers a wonderful source of healthy fish oil and is delectable enough for the fussiest of felines. Make a batch at the beginning of the week which can be refrigerated and used for up to three days. Get the recipe


If you’ve got a spare can of tuna lying around (and let’s face it, it’s a staple in most households), why not give these tuna patties a try? Blending the perfect amount of protein and carbs, these patties are sure to become a firm favourite for your feline friend. Make them here.


If you want a staple homemade cat food recipe to turn to, look no further than this one from Eco Life. Full of vitamins and minerals essential for your four legged friend, use a blender to make the recipe and store in the fridge until needed.


This recipe from Cat Nutrition can be made with either real bones or without, and is made with an abundance of ingredients to restore your cat’s health. While you may need to make a special shopping trip to source the foods needed for the recipe, your cat will be sure to give you some extra TLC for the extra effort you’ve endured.

Have you tried making food for your cat from scratch? Tell about it in the comments below!

Lucy is a Sydney-based book and travel writer, formerly from the UK. She grew up with three sisters and a house full of pets, including a beloved black Labrador. Since moving to Australia she likes nothing more than dog-sitting for friends, and heading out to explore the city's many walks with a furry companion in tow.

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