10 Clever Ways every Pooch Parent Can Get Organised

Few things signify the start of a new year better than the opportunity it brings to attack your clutter with Marie Kondo-like skills. And for the pet parents among us, there are plenty of ways to make this your most organised year yet – for both you and your pet.

From pet health trackers and dog storage to a simple printable for your wallet that could make all the difference in an emergency, here are some of our favourite life hacks for pet owners that will see you through the new year and beyond.

1.Personalised Dog Toy Storage Tub by Precious Little Plum

Simple yet effective (and cute as hell). Stop tripping over your pup’s stuff with this personalised canvas rope dog storage basket. If you’re really keen, try training your dog to put their own toys away!

2. Pawprint Pet Health Tracker App

The mental load of modern life can be heavy, and our staying on top of our dog’s healthcare regime is another thing to put in the mental vault, but not anymore. Pawprint Health Tracker connects you to your vet, your pet’s health records, and allows you to set reminders for important things like vaccinations so you’ll never miss an appointment again. Download free here.

3. Elevated Dog Food Bowls and Storage Unit

It’s more economical and better for the planet to buy your dog food in bulk, but where to put those huge bags!? This clever dog storage solution is the answer to your organisational prayers. It combines a raised dog feeder with a pull-out storage drawer underneath for toys, brushes and grooming products, with a large tilting dog food storage tin which is housed in a stylish wooden sideboard, so you can use the space on top as well. LOVE!

4. Personalised Lead Hook from Etsy

You know that moment when you’re rushing out the door to walk the dog, but can’t find the leash!? This personalised lead hook mounts cleverly on your wall by the door so you’ll never be scrambling for the leash again.

my dog is home alone card

5. ‘My Dog is Home Alone’ Card

What we love most about our dog pals at Pretty Fluffy, is that they think of everything!  This printable ‘my dog is home alone’ card could be vital in an emergency situation and may be something you’ve never even thought about. Print this out, write your details on it and pop it in your wallet. That way if something happens to you, and you can rest assured your dog will be taken care of in an emergency. Get yours free here

Pet Printables

6. Pet Printables

Whether you’re leaving your four-legged friend with a pet sitter, or simply want an easy way to keep up to date with your dog’s medical history, this brilliant Pet Printable is a great resource for all pet owners. With space for everything from your furry friend’s feeding schedule and special markings, to allergies and health history to boot, it’s a must-have source for anyone wanting to stay organised this year and beyond.

7. Personalised Dog Toy Storage Box by Little Secrets Gifts

When it comes to storage, too much is never enough, so here is another way to keep your canine clutter out of your living space and packed away nicely. Extra points if you can train your dog to open and close the lid.

8. Pet First Aid Kit

While most homes have a first aid kit for any human-related ailments, why not invest in one for your pet pooch, to ensure you’re prepared for any bumps or scratches? This canine-friendly Pet First Aid Kit comes with everything you might need should your canine companion need assistance including flashing LED emergency collar, bandages, gloves, gauze pads and antiseptic wipes.

dog leash hooks and storage area

9. Dog Leash Hooks and Storage Zone

Many pet parents are inclined to leave dog leads and balls in coat pockets and on countertops, only to spend many-a wasted minute in search of them when it comes to the time for a w-a-l-k. With this fun DIY pet project by Target however, those disorganised mornings are a thing of the past. We love the personalised touch with the option to add some cute pictures of your pooch too. Hang it in your porch or by your front door and your dog will never be left staring at you impatiently while you look for their things again! 

10. Animo Health and Activity Monitor by Sure Petcare

Staying organised when it comes to your dog’s activity and health has never been easier. There are a number of clever activity monitors on the market which tell you everything you need to know about what your dog gets up to, but we really love the Animo monitor from Sure Petcare. This small gadget clips onto your dog’s collar and tracks the total time in hours and minutes that your dog is active each day, so you can ensure they get enough exercise. It also flags up how much rest time they are getting and even indicates the quality of their sleep.

Have you got some great pet organising tips to make life easier? Share them with us in the comments below!

Lucy is a Sydney-based book and travel writer, formerly from the UK. She grew up with three sisters and a house full of pets, including a beloved black Labrador. Since moving to Australia she likes nothing more than dog-sitting for friends, and heading out to explore the city's many walks with a furry companion in tow.

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