5 Great Ways to Grow the Bond Between You and Your Cat

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It’s easy to win the affections of a dog, with their goofy faces and slobbery tongues; they are practically begging to love you. But cats are different creatures altogether. Aloof, independent and grumpy are just some of the ways our feline friends have been described, and while not all mogs live up to these moody monikers, plenty of pussy parents are going to extreme lengths to please their furry friends.

Remember that time you were bone-tired but you let your cat sleep on your head because they looked so comfortable? Or when you were meant to be working but you took a really long break because Mrs. Fluffy Pants was warming her toosh on your laptop? Or how about that time you froze to death because your cat was sleeping on your winter coat and you didn’t want to disturb him?

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If you’re guilty of some (or all!) of these kitty-coddling crimes, then this post is for you. Here’s 5 great ways to spend more quality with your number one feline, that don’t involve kicking your partner out of bed to make way for your cat.


Cats are naturally playful and inquisitive creatures, so sure-fire way to please your puss is to spend some time playing together. If you cat lives exclusively indoors, this play time will not only be gratefully received by your curious kitty, but is also essential for their physical and mental wellbeing. According Cat Behaviourist Anita Kelsey, “playtime is imperative to relieve boredom and frustration; it can also improve the human to cat bond”.

The key to setting up successful and enjoyable playtime for both you and your cat is finding the right game or toy to suit your cat’s personality. Cats are natural hunters so anything they can chase, tease and pounce on should capture their interest. Wands, lures and teaser toys are an excellent option for interactive play with your puss. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 5 fun indoor games to play with your cat.


If your pussy has a rather refined palate, then a well-chosen treat could be the way to her heart. Don’t be tempted to indulge your cat with human food, as much of this is not naturally healthy for cats, and instead opt for a premium treat that will be sure to get the purr of approval. If you cat is the type to take a treat and saunter off into the distance, SHEBA’s new Creamy Snacks might be the perfect way to keep them closer for longer. A silky smooth puree in three lip-smacking flavours including salmon, beef and Chicken, they come in specially designed packaging, which allows your cat to enjoy the snack while you hold the sachet, for a special and very yummy experience.


Unlike dogs, whose happiness is measured by the depth of the mud they have rolled in, cats are fastidious cleaners who love nothing more than remaining perfectly preened. And while grooming is a pretty personal affair for most cats, it can also be a lovely way to bond with your feline if they enjoy you joining in with this ritual. Some cats love nothing more than a soft brush being run through their fur while they purr contentedly on your lap. Sure you’ll be covered in cat hair, but your kitty will love you for it!


While cats have been domesticated for over 10,000 years, we still don’t understand everything about their behaviour, and nor have they fully figured us humans out either. In order to cultivate a happy and healthy relationship with your cat, you will need to learn to speak their language. A cat’s body language can give you a deep insight into their emotional state and let you know what they like or don’t like. Flattened down ears and puffed up fur usually mean your cat feels threatened and needs to be left alone, but if they are stretched out on their side with their ears upright, they are most likely relaxed and content. If you learn to read your cat’s visual cues and follow their lead, your one-on-one time will be so much more rewarding.


Not all cats are affectionate but if your kitty loves a cuddle then it’s important to make time for that lovely physical contact. Get to know your cat’s individual personality and make your cuddle time on their terms. Never push or force your cat to stay on your lap, but when you see they are in an affectionate mood, take advantage of the moment and give them some strokes where they like it best. Most cats enjoy being stroked around their scent glands including their chin and cheeks, as well as at the base of the tail. It’s important to know where not to stroke as well – like the tummy, which is usually a no-go zone for a lot of cats!

How do you spend quality time with your cat? Tell us in the comments below!

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