7 New Years Resolutions Your Dog Wants You to Make

dog new years resolution

Are you planning to make 2018 your BEST YEAR EVER? Maybe you’re going to be more organised, drink less alcohol, eat more greens, do more yoga, stop pushing the toothpaste up from the top of the tube, and the list goes on. But if like me you get to the end of January and are knee deep in burgers and red wine, when you discover the super-expensive organiser you bought for 2017 that hasn’t even been opened, save yourself the let-down and just be the person your dog wants to you to be. To get you started, the top seven resolutions your dog probably wants you to make: 

best dog friendly beach hotels in the UK


Wow, dogs these days are getting so demanding. Not only do they want to take over your sofa, your bed and your lap, now they want to come on holiday with you too. I have to admit that I hate leaving my dog behind when I go away, and I’ll pretty much plan pet friendly holidays so he can come along and have the best time of his life……there, I said it! So if you’re a dog slave like me, take a look at our handpicked selection of luxury dog friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts, where dogs are welcomed like the VIP’s they already know they are. You can also check out plenty our reviews of great dog friendly hotels too. There’s nothing worse than a rowdy guest so make sure your pup has brushed up on their p’s and q’s with this guide to dog friendly travel etiquette


If your dog is anything like mine, walkies will come a close second to bacon in the hierarchy of stuff he wants, and it’s a damn sight better for you too. Feeling a little apprehensive to get out this frosty weather? Throw on your coat and scarf and check out London’s Top 5 Winter Dog Walks, or if it’s stunning scenery you’re after, have a look at 5 of the UK’s Most Scenic Dog Walks. For lovers of all things botanical, we’ve also rounded up 5 of the UK’s most beautiful dog friendly public gardens, so there’s no excuse not to grant your frisky Fido their wish for more walkies this year! 

charley chau ducky donut dog bed


A close third after bacon and walkies, comes nap time. And don’t dogs just luuuuurve to sleep. If your dog is making ‘self care’ one of their top priorities for 2018 (who isn’t?), a beautifully comfortable and cosy dog bed is going to be a must. Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to choosing the perfect dog bed and take a look at some of our favourite designer beds for all shapes and sizes in our online shop

playdate smart dog ball


You’ve got work to do and bills to pay but life is just one big tennis ball for your furry sidekick. Play is so important not just for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing, it’s also a great way to strengthen the bon with your pal. Check out 8 of the best toys to keep your dog entertained, and if you’re still stuck for ideas, here’s 5 fun games to stimulate your dog’s brain

Bring Your Dog to Work Day - Ridley Scott RSA Films


If your doggo is giving you the saddest damn look every time you leave the house for work, it might be time to broach the issue with your boss. After all, there are so many proven benefits of bringing your dog to work that your boss is basically LOSING money by not letting your pup in the office. Need some ammo? Check out the world’s coolest dog friendly workplaces, including etsy and google, and take a peak at some of favourite dog friendly workplaces including RSA Films, Ridley Scott’s film company. But before you pack up your pup and head into the office, make sure you read our guide to bringing your dog to work, so you don’t p*ss anyone off. 


If your dog’s favourite pass time (after eating, playing and sleeping) is to stare at you sadly while you eat, then why not give in to their wishes and take them out for a meal at a dog friendly restaurant? Need inspo? Have a look at 10 of London’s best dog friendly restaurants, and for a great pub lunch and a pint, here are 25 of London’s best dog friendly pubs. If it’s coffee and cake you’re after, we’ve also rounded up 10 of the best dog friendly cafes and coffee shops where pups are welcome. 


No explanation needed. 

Will you make any of these your resolutions for 2018? Do you have any to add? Share with us in the comments below!

Sara is the Founder & Editor of StyleTails. A writer, design-lover and long-time animal-hugger, Sara launched StyleTails in 2012 to inspire people live a more beautiful life with their four-legged friends. Along with her canine sidekick George, a rescue Yorkie with a big attitude, Sara regularly commentates on luxury pet product and lifestyle trends and has been featured in Elle Decoration, BBC Radio, and is also an expert contributor to WGSN, the leading design trend forecaster.

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