Could this be World’s Most Comfortable Donut Dog Bed?

charley chau ducky donut dog bed

Donut beds are paws-down one of the most popular styles in our online shop – and now finally after six years of obsessing over every tiny detail, one our best-loved brands – Charley Chau, have unveiled their take on this canine classic, with the launch of the The Ducky Donut Dog Bed.

The latest luxury dog bed to join the Charley Chau collection, the Ducky Donut Bed has just the sort of attention to detail that discerning dogs have come to expect. With pooches spending an average of 12-14 hours snoozing each day it’s important that their bed is as comfy as caninely possible, and with its superior design and quality, the Ducky Donut is guaranteed to be popular with even the most pernickety of pooches. 

charley chau ducky donut dog bed

charley chau ducky donut dog bedcharley chau ducky donut dog bed

charley chau ducky donut dog bed

The Ducky Donut Bed takes its name from the ethically sourced deluxe duck feather pads that fill the sides so that your dog can squish and squash them to their heart’s content but they will just plump right back to look as good as new, unlike other donut beds on the market.

The deep-filled circular mattress in the base lifts out of the donut sides and can be used as a bed in its own right so it’s perfect for trips away. The mattress is also constructed inside with internal wall panels, a bit like a sofa seat cushion, so your dog won’t ever have to suffer a lumpy and bumpy mattress disturbing their nap.

The fabulous outer fabric – Cosmo, is a new addition to the Charley Chau collection and is a gorgeous upholstery fabric that has the feel of brushed cotton but is robust enough to cover human sofas and armchairs.

The Ducky Donut Bed has also been designed to be as practical as possible with fully removable covers and machine washable everything, including the duck feather pads, so your dog’s bed will always look pristine in your home.

Commenting on their latest design, Charley Chau Co-Founder Christine Chau says: “Most donut beds are made to a standard design, regardless of the price tag. Anyone who has bought a standard donut bed before is likely to have found that it didn’t stay comfy or pretty for long because the moment the bed goes in the wash your dog ends up with a lumpy and uncomfortable dog bed. This is why it has taken us six years to develop our version of a donut bed. We were absolutely determined that we would launch a donut that was fundamentally different to the others on the market, and that a Charley Chau donut bed would perform over time.”

And it is the details that make all the difference as Chau goes on to explain “For example, take the large size Charley Chau Ducky Donut Bed that measures 1m in diameter – there is over 45m of stitching in the large Ducky Donut. Compare that to the 3m of stitching that goes into making a standard design donut bed sold by lots of other companies. The Ducky Donut looks like a simple dog bed but an awful lot of care and attention has gone into ensuring that the bed is constructed to stay as comfortable and stylish as when new for a long time to come.”

She adds: “The one thing that all of our customers have in common is that they love their dogs and want to give them the best quality of life possible – that’s why they buy Charley Chau for their dogs. Our customers recognise the love and care that goes into making Charley Chau beds and blankets to the highest standards and know that a Charley Chau bed is a good investment. Why keep buying cheap, poor-quality dog beds that end up in the bin after a few months when you can buy a Charley Chau that will last for years to come?”

The Ducky Donut Dog Bed is available now from StyleTails form £180, and team it with a designer dog blanket for extra warmth – get yours now at

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