IKEA Has Finally Launched its First Collection of Pet Furniture!

Sweden’s most famous export, beloved for its stylish-yet-affordable flat-pack furniture, and the uncanny ability to make you fill your trolley even when you only came for some coat hangers, IKEA has established itself as the go-to for anyone wanting to make a house a home. And while up until recently IKEA was lacking when it came to all things pet-related, the Scandinavian brand has just launched its first ever pet collection – LURVIG – much to the delight of pet owners all over the world! 

“Have you ever felt that your cat or other pet isn’t just a pet, but a member of the family?” IKEA wrote about LURVIG on their website. “It’s exactly that focus that led Ikea to make the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range.”

Swedish for ‘shaggy’ the LURVIG collection features everything one could want for their furry friend. From minimalist dog beds and comfy pet sofas, to stylish cat scratching posts, couch covers, cat tunnels, bowls, toys and beyond, the LURVIG range has been created by “animal-loving designers” with insight from veterinarians. 

With the collection currently being rolled out in stores across the US, Canada, France and Japan, the rest of us will have to wait in joyful hope until March 2018 when this purrfect collection will be available worldwide.

What do you think of the new Lurvig pet collection? Tell us in the comments below!

Lucy is a Sydney-based book and travel writer, formerly from the UK. She grew up with three sisters and a house full of pets, including a beloved black Labrador. Since moving to Australia she likes nothing more than dog-sitting for friends, and heading out to explore the city's many walks with a furry companion in tow.


  • Reply October 21, 2017

    Nina Niedenfuer

    I love it. How about incorporating cat wheels?

    • Reply October 23, 2017

      Sara White

      Yes that’s a great idea Nina! Definitely something that’s missing from the collection that lots of urban cat owners would love 🙂

  • Reply February 20, 2019

    Andy Flower

    Cat trees are very useful for both felines and their owners because they provide the cat with a place to climb, scratch and play, and help you save your furniture from the claws of your pet.

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