Meet 8 of the World’s Most Adventurous Cats!

8 of the world's most adventurous cats sukiicat

Forget early nights curled up by the fire with some warm milk, these cats have got a nose for adventure and a devil-may-care attitude! From hikes atop rugged Canadian mountains to canoe trips through British Columbia, and even the odd helicopter ride, these fearless felines are living life to the fullest and loving every minute! 

I chased a few unsuspecting dogs today… they were definitely more interesting than this waterfall! ???

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  1. SUKI THE CAT @skuiicat

Suki The Cat is a proud Canadian adventure cat, whose mom, Marti, is a self-professed travel bug, too! Suki and Marti love to travel around Canada and spend time outdoors. Suki is particularly fond of hanging out lakeside, watching the world glide by! 

Some motivation for your Monday! Tree sap on my face and snow on the ground, nothing can slow me down.

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  1. GANDALF @ganddygram

Gandalf is a grey Persian who LOVES his nature walks! Whether it’s in the snow, in the grass, or on the dirt, you can bet that Gandalf will be running around in it. He prouldly boasts that he has been to two countries and nine states! 

  1. BURMA ADVENTURE CAT @burmaadventurecat

Burma is a chocolate brown cat who clearly wound up with the right family in the right place: Oregon, known for its diverse landscape of mountains, water, and forests—perfect for an adventure cat. Burma’s love for nature knows no bounds and he seems to love the mountains just as much as he loves the beach!

  1. CHARLIE CRITTER @charlie_critter

Charlie Critter aka “Critter” is from New South Wales, Australia. After being adopted as a young kitten, Critter now lives on a farm with the rest of his family, made up of one human, two dogs, two horses, and two cats. It seems that living with dogs has rub off on Critter, who seems to think he is one!

  1. BOLT AND KEEL @boltandkeel 

Bolt and Keel are two brothers who love to adventure through British Columbia together with their humans. They got their love of adventure from early on as they were found abandoned in a park. Since the animal shelter was closed, the women who found the brothers took them on their mountain hike—and the rest is history! The brothers love to canoe or run through the forest, all while being photographed for their first book out this fall.

Trying to shake Monday ?

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  1. FLOYD THE LION @floydthelion

What do you get when you cross a Persian cat with a lion? Floyd! Floyd is a long-haired Persian cat who loves living his best outdoor life in Colorado. But Floyd isn’t just about nature, he’s also about giving back to his feline friends. Floyd has set up a website with signature products for sale made by independent artists. A portion of all sales go to his favorite animal charities! What a guy!

Looking over my forest fortress ??? #adventurecats

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  1. MAGIC @furrymagic

Magic is a 1 year old male rescue cat living in Seattle, Washington. He loves to hike, camp, travel—and eat, according to Magic’s parents. He is also an unstoppable climber! From his indoor cat climbing trees to real trees outside, there is no height that Magic is afraid of!

  1. ROMEO @weeklywhiskers 

Romeo is a beautiful 12 year old bengal cat from Washington State with quite the daring lifestyle! When he is not motorcycling, you can catch him riding in fast cars, helicopters or boats with his human! Romeo is so fearless that he’s been featured on numerous national and international television programs like on Animal Planet, BRAVO TV, NBC and more!

Stevie Benanty is a kitty mum, and the Founder of La Tulipe London, a lifestyle brand and online shop for flower lovers. Born and bred in New York City, Stevie recently moved to London with her husband and their two orange cats, Hicks and Joralemon, who want it to be said that they are "the only priority in her life—and, when is dinner?” Follow Hicks and Joralemon on Instagram @hicksandjoralemon to see more.

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