Inside Italy’s Most Beautiful Hotel for Dogs

Kristian and Lorella with their Whippets (all images: GIUI)

Nestled near the spectacular Italian village of Asolo, known as the ‘Pearl of Treviso’ about 50 miles north west of Venice, you will find a very special place where some of the world’s luckiest dogs go on holiday. The perfect doggie destination for canine companions wanting to relax in the Italian countryside, Asolo Dog Resort is the ultimate in doggy day care.

There are no crates are cages at Asolo Dog Resort , instead four legged guests are given a warm Italian welcome with their own sumptuous bed, freshly prepared meals, homeopathic treatments, and even a photo shoot with a famous animal photographer. Here we take a look inside this exclusive hotel where dogs reign supreme!

Asolo Dog Resort is the baby of renowned Garden designer Kristian Buziol, and his partner Lorella Zago. Between them, they are pet parents to three whippets and two greyhounds who also call Asolo home. As long-time dog lovers the pair started looking after friend’s dogs at their stunning home, and the idea for Asolo Dog Resort was born. Eager to share this special place with others, Asolo now welcomes dogs from far and wide, with bookings made months in advance and summer 2018 already fully booked.

Asolo dog hotel

Kristian and Lorella wanted to create a place where pet parents could feel completely at ease leaving their precious pooches behind when they went on holiday. At Asolo, dog owners can certainly reserve the guilty feelings, knowing that their four legged friend will being enjoying a holiday to rival their own. 

Unlike many other dog-boarding facilities, Asolo Dog Resort prides itself on the complete lack of cages and kennels. It was important for Kristian and Lorella that the dogs felt completely at home, so they have have free range through the house and grounds, while always being under the watchful eye of their hosts.

A relaxing holiday can always be ruined by bad company, so all dogs have to pass a compatibility test before they can stay at Asolo. In order to create a home away from home, Kristian and Lorella find out about any daily habits and preferences of their guests to make their stay as stress-free as possible.


Guests at Asolo Dog Resort have access to a wealth of pet-based to rival any luxury resort for humans. On call is a resident nutritionist who customises diets for each and every visiting pooch; this means that four-legged friends are catered for and visitors needn’t bring any form of pet food for the duration of their stay.

To ensure all dogs are in tip-top condition, the resort has a weekly visit from one of the most famous homeopathic vets in Europe. Also on offer are grooming services such as nail clipping and washing, as well as pet portraits shot by animal photographer Paul Croes.

Finally, the resort partners with a number of prestigious pet brands and products, meaning everything on offer at the resort has ben tried and tested by the owners. They’ve even started their own range of pooch products – from grooming to dog beds – meaning that you can keep a memento of this doggie destination long after you and your pet pup have left.  

For owners Kristian and Lorella the best thing about running Asolo Dog Resort is the opportunity to be around beloved pooches and like-minded dog lovers. The devoted nature of their clientele means that it has become more than just a place to bring your pup; it’s a place where compatible people meet.

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All images by Giui.

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