5 Incredible ‘Catified’ Interiors Every Cat Lover Needs to See

The saying goes that dogs have owners and cats have slaves, and if this ‘catification’ trend is anything to go by, we have to agree! Cat-a-what, you say? Catification, is the process of creating a customised feline-friendly living space for you and your four-legged friend.

Showcased in the book of the same name by feline experts Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin, cat owners all over the world are ‘catifying’ their homes, to ensure their feline residents get all the exercise and stimulation they need, even if they live exclusively indoors.

From suspended skywalks to cat ramps, cat staircases, hammocks, and pussy perches, we take a peak inside some of the most stylish cat friendly homes.

  1. A Vibrant Pussy Playground in Singapore by Free Space Intent 

For the feline (and human) that loves a bit of colour, this modern cat friendly apartment in Singapore delivers on so many levels. Designed by interiors firm, Free Space Intent, every element of this built-to-order home has been crafted with the feline residents in mind.

A long wooden ramp leads from the ground up to a number of floating perches which are staggered within jumping distance of each other – perfect for the pussy who likes to retreat to higher ground. A suspended catwalk runs throughout the home, allowing cats to move between rooms without setting paw on the floor, and there is a room devoted entirely to the cats, with wall-mounted hammocks and a free-standing scratching post. All of this is set against a number of bright, contemporary feature walls. Source.

Free Space Intent Singapore

Free Space Intent Singapore

  1. A Cat Friendly Apartment in Taiwan by Thinking Design

This sophisticated apartment in Taiwan has everything a modern moggie could wish for. Created by interior design firm, Thinking Design, this cat friendly home uses long floating shelves with various access points for the cat to roam and climb. While providing the perfect place for the resident puss to perch, the shelves are also a great spot for books, CD’s and decorative objects.

We also love the natural tree branch scratching post, which has been built into the shelving unit – it offers a rustic contrast to the sleek minimal design of the apartment. Source, images via Hey!Cheese.

Thinking Design

Thinking Design

  1. A Modern Cat Friendly Apartment in Singapore by The Scientist

Interiors company, The Scientist, has designed this stylish cat friendly apartment in Singapore’s Bendemeer Light building. Wood is a feature throughout and has been expertly used to create numerous exploration spaces for the owner’s cat. A floating staircase has been mounted to a wall, allowing the cat to climb to higher ground. A wooden ramp also connects to a suspended catwalks, giving the cat raised access to multiple areas of the home. Source

The Scientist Singapore

4. A Pared-Back Cat Friendly Home in Taipei by ST Studio

One of the biggest challenges for cat owners in busy cities like Taipei, is how to let them exercise natural behaviours like climbing and scratching in a small apartment. The owner of this two-bedroom apartment worked with design firm ST Studio to transform the small space into open-plan studio with a cat-friendly twist.

By knocking through a number of walls, the space has been opened up to allow plenty of light in – perfect inside cats who get lots of stimulation through watching what’s going on in the outside, including a spot of bird watching. The owner has also installed a series of hanging baskets filled with cat friendly plants as a source of some much-needed greenery. Source.

ST Studio Taipei

  1. A Cat Friendly House in Massachusetts by Mountain Pet Products

When partners Eliza and Tiffany decided to buy a house together, they would be bringing together seven cats and three dogs to form a new ‘Brady Bunch’ style family. To help the transition to their new home, they called on Mountain Pet Products to create a safe and harmonious space for this large new family to coexist.

The main feature is a suspended catwalk, which creates a ‘kitty superhighway’, for the cats to move from one end of the house to the other, without walking on the ground. With three dogs in the house Eliza and Tiffany didn’t want the cats to feel trapped or scared, so they designed multiple access points so the cats could escape to higher ground from anywhere in the house. Source.

Mountain Pet Products


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