8 Things Every Cat Lover Needs to Do

If furry felines send you into a frenzy,  you are going to love our list of amazing places where cats are top dog!  From the famous Tashirojima ‘cat island’ in Japan to Belgium’s Cat Festival and the cool CatCon in LA, these are eight places every cat owner needs to go. 

  1. CATCON, LA 

CatCon is “the convention with cattitude” which sounds just purrfect if you ask us! CatCon is the biggest cat convention in the world, with tens of thousands of cat lovers coming together each summer from around the globe to celebrate all things CAT! Their sole aim is to spread joy and goodness to cats and the people who love them by supporting shelters worldwide, educating people about the benefits of adopting, showcasing all kinds of cat vendors (food, games, decor, etc), and bringing together the world’s most famous cats. This is one weekend you won’t want to miss.


The annual FeliKat World Show is happening on October 28 & 29 in The Hague, Netherlands so get ready to watch the world’s best cats strut their stuff. If you want to enter your cat in the show, you’ll have to meet a list of requirements but if you want to attend, you just need to buy a ticket for €8.50. It will be two days of hard deliberations over the cats, concluding with the Best in Show ceremony.


The “Festival of the Cats” (as the name Kattenstoet translates to in English) is an annual parade in Ypres, Belgium which is entirely devote to our feline friends. This festival has been celebrated since 1955 on the second Sunday in May. Next year’s occurs on May 13, 2018. The festival opens with a “throwing of the cat” when toy cats are thrown into the audience of children. They then do a mock witch burning, as old tails—er, tales—say that cats were connected to witchcraft. Participants are urged to dress as cats, witches or mice from the Middle Ages. Music and dancing happens with a few thousand people.


The Edmonton Cat Fest is the only cat festival in all of Canada and aims to bring together cat lovers from around the country to celebrate all things cats and cat culture! This is all in addition to raising money for feline organisations. You’d be glad to know that 100% of proceeds go to local organisations and in only three years, about $60,000 has been raised. At the show you can expect to meet adoptable cats, hear talks from feline experts, visit many vendors selling cat-related items, and meet a celebrity cat. The next show will be in 2018.


If museums are for you, then you’ll love the Kuching Cat Museum in Kuching, Malaysia. It’s a museum entirely dedicated to cats and has been in existence for over twenty years. The four galleries in the museum contain over 4,000 cat artefacts like memorials and artworks, including an ancient Egyptian mummified cat! And even better news: the cat is free to enter!


If museums and festivals are enough for you, there’s always a Japanese island that is ruled by cats! Excuse us while we call our real estate agent. The island of Tashirojima reportedly has a population of 100 people and many times more cats, dating back to the mid-18th century. The island was known for producing textiles made from silkworms and the cats were brought in—and revered—for chasing away the mice that ate the silkworms. Legend goes that the cats developed special bonds with the local fisherman who fed them in return for protecting their silkworms, thus, the population flourished and they even built a cat shrine on the island. 


The American Museum of the House Cat is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, on a lot next door to the founders of the museum. Apparently, it’s the only such place to be entirely devoted to house cats in the country! Dr. Harold Sims and his wife opened the museum in 1996 on a 10 ace plot of land, which houses all kinds of quirky cat artifacts. Inside you’ll find modern art, fine art, toy cats, vintage advertising, and more, all dedicated to the cause and the museum even offsets the cost of the shelter next door,  which takes care of over 80 cats at any given time—any of whom you can adopt.


The Cat Museum of San Francisco, California explores “the relationship between people and their feline friends.” Established in 2010 and also a non profit organisation, the museum prides itself on showing diverse exhibitions dedicated to cats. Past exhibitions include “Felines on Film,” art pop ups, photographs from local photographers, and more.

Stevie Benanty is a kitty mum, and the Founder of La Tulipe London, a lifestyle brand and online shop for flower lovers. Born and bred in New York City, Stevie recently moved to London with her husband and their two orange cats, Hicks and Joralemon, who want it to be said that they are "the only priority in her life—and, when is dinner?” Follow Hicks and Joralemon on Instagram @hicksandjoralemon to see more.

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