How to Keep Your Dog Cool & Comfy at Home in Summer

Staying cool in the summer heat can be tough when you are wearing a fur coat. Thankfully Christine Chau, Co-Founder of luxury dog bed company Charley Chau has some handy advice on how to make your dog’s domain comfortable, cool and chic in the warm weather.

Raised Rattan Dog Bed Charley Chau

Raised Rattan Dog Bed with Day Bed Mattress in Dotty Taupe and Double Fleece Blanket in Oyster by Charley Chau


Dogs don’t have sweat glands like humans to cool down so their natural cooling mechanisms mainly involve panting and stretching out so, while your dog may love to curl up into a little ball, providing them with a bed that offers space to stretch out fully is advised so they can self-ventilate!

Day Bed Mattress Weave Pewter Charley Chau

Day Bed Mattress in Weave Pewter with Faux-Fur Blanket in Oatmeal


Humans gravitate towards a paler wardrobe in the heat, and for good reason – light colours do not absorb, retain and radiate heat as well as dark shades so they keep us cooler. This works for dog beds too. Choose paler colours for the summer (Charley Chau has options for spare bed covers so you can switch with the seasons) and make sure your dog’s bed is not in direct sun at any time during the day.

Bed styles that work perfectly for summer are the Charley Chau Deeply Dishy Dog Bed and Day Bed in our Weave fabric in lighter shades of Pewter and Linen.

Deeply Dishy Dog Bed Charley Chau

Deeply Dishy Dog Bed in Weave Linen and Double Fleece Blanket in Smoke Grey


A bed that breathes is as important as it is in summer as it is in cooler weather. Choose breathable fabrics for your dog’s bedding such as a 100% natural cotton or look at some of the beautiful polycotton blends such as Charley Chau’s Weave fabric collection.

Raising your dog’s bed off the floor can also help air to circulate keeping your dog cool and fresh. The Charley Chau Raised Rattan Dog Bed achieves this and looks fabulous too. Raised dog beds also help combat the problem of damp dog beds in cooler weather too so they’re worth the investment.

Raised Rattan Dog Bed Charley Chau

Raised Rattan Dog Bed with Day Bed Mattress in Dotty Taupe and Double Fleece Blanket in Oyster by Charley Chau

Rattan is a great natural cane to create a breathable dog bed in general – take a look at our Oval Rattan Dog Baskets. Dress the basket down in the summer and then luxe it up in winter with a Faux-Fur Blanket.

Oval Rattan Dog Basket Bed Charley Chau

Oval Rattan Basket Dog Bed with mattress


Even in the height of the summer, some dogs can’t live without a super-soft blanket. If your dog is one of these then then try rolling a small blanket (pale colours) into a little bolster cushion and placing it in their bed to give them something cosy to nestle their back into or rest their chin on without overheating, or a pale faux-fur throw spread out over their bed that they can stretch out on!

Deeply Dishy Dog Bed Charley Chau

Deeply Dishy Dog Bed in Weave Pewter and Double Fleece Blanket in Oyster


Some dogs, regardless of what you do to create a cosy but cool bed for them in the summer, may just want to snuggle anyway! In which case, a Charley Chau Snuggle Bed is a great option for perennial burrowers – your dog can climb in to the cosy pocket to stay snug or lie on top depending on how the mood takes them!

Charley Chau Snuggle Bed in Velour Lime

Charley Chau Snuggle Bed in Velour Lime


Shop Charley Chau’s luxury dog beds and blankets in the StyleTails Store.

Christine is one half of the award-winning duo behind Charley Chau, a British luxury dog bedding company co-founded with her sister, Jenny, in 2010. Inspired by their five Italian Greyhounds, Charley Chau focuses on creating dog beds and blankets that are super-comfy, stylish, practical and made to perform over time. With happy customers in over sixty countries around the world, Charley Chau’s collection of beautiful dog beds has a style to suit even the most discerning of hounds and their humans. Christine and the Charley Chau pack are seasoned travellers, travelling all over the UK when the Charley Chau show stand hits the road, and also further afield overseas for fun. Their gang cause quite a stir in their ski gear on the slopes of the French Alps!

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