Your Essential Guide to Dog Friendly Travel Etiquette

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With the ever increasing number of dog-friendly hotels, accommodation and restaurants welcoming pooches with open paws, there is no need to leave your furry friend at home when you set off on your adventures. However, unruly pups won’t make you popular with other guests, so ensuring your pooch is well-behaved and doesn’t disrupt others is key to happy travels. Check out our guide to the best pet-iquette for a successful dog-friendly trip!

  • Does your dog bark or whine? Noisy dogs won’t be popular with other diners or hotel guests. Many hotels are happy for dogs to be left unaccompanied in rooms, however, only do so if you are confident that your pooch will be happily snoozing and not barking for the duration. Also, always check the hotel’s policy on leaving dog’s in rooms unattended.
  • It goes without saying that your pooch should be toilet trained before venturing into a restaurant or hotel with them!
  • You don’t want to give dogs a bad name, so before you take your dog for a hotel break, or a bite to eat in your favourite dog-friendly restaurant make sure your pooch has mastered their basic training.
  • Is your dog in any way aggressive or territorial? Make sure that they don’t bark at waiters coming to your table or hotel staff looking to turn-down your room – they won’t thank you for it.
  • Does your dog get along well with other dogs? Don’t forget that there is a good chance that other pooches might be staying / dining at the same time.
  • Nobody wants a smelly pooch putting them off their food or sleeping in a hotel room so give your dog a good clean and freshen up before you travel with them.
  • Don’t forget that it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet, so always take plenty of poo bags.
  • If you are dining out with your dog – don’t forget that they may be allowed in the areas that serve food but must stay out of food preparation areas, so don’t let them run amuck! Always keep pups on a lead and out of the way of where people ae walking – you don’t want to trip a waiter over carrying a tray of food!
  • Whilst you might find it cute when your dog gives you the begging eyes when eating, don’t let your dog pester other people for food. Making sure they have had their dinner and bringing them a chew to occupy them always helps!
  • If you are planning on leaving your dog unattended in accommodation, but don’t entirely trust they won’t chew the sofa, take a pet carrier with you in case you want to leave them unattended. Turn it into your dog’s ‘den’, with his own bedding and personalised items, so that he will settle down well.
  • Lastly, some hotels and accommodation may have their own rules on pets – it is always worth checking in advance to see whether you would be happy abiding by them. For example, some self-catering accommodation stipulate that dogs should not be allowed into bedrooms – which might not suit pups that like a night-time cuddle!
  • Bed– something easy to transport and not too cumbersome – check out these awesome dog travel beds for inspiration. It is always a good idea to take a pet carrier if you are staying overnight also, especially if you are planning on leaving your dog unattended in a hotel room.
  • Food & Water Bowls– Not all hotels and restaurants will provide a water bowl, and might to appreciate their fine china being used for Fido, so make sure you bring your own feeding accessories.
  • Toys– bring some toys to stimulate your dog and keep them entertained, but nothing too high-energy and definitely no squeaky toys – other guests might not appreciate them!
  • Chews– A great way to keep dogs occupied for long periods of time – Antlers are a good natural option that last for ages.
  • Collar, Lead & ID Tag– Your dog should be wearing their collar and ID tag at all times, plus you’ll need a lead for their walks.
  • Poo Bags– Cleaning up after your pooch is a must. These poo bag holders will make the job a bit more glamorous.
  • Food– Not all dogs take well to a change in diet – which could end in disaster if you are staying overnight somewhere, so make sure you bring along a supply of their regular food.
  • Towels and a throw – If you think your dog might be getting muddy paws during a hotel stay take your own towels instead of using the hotel’s pristine white ones. A throw for a bed is always a good idea if you think your dog might want to jump up there too.

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