6 of the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

Cats have a bit of a reputation among animal lovers. According to some, they can be spiteful, they don’t love us the way dogs do, and they only stay with us because we feed them. Not all of these assumptions are true of course, and as with our canine companions, different cat breeds display different temperaments. We’ve rounded up six of the most affectionate cat breeds that love nothing more than a snuggle and a stroke, so if you’re considering a new fluffy addition to your family, read this first!

Most affectionate cat breeds ragdoll

Image via: Cat Time


One of the friendliest cats on this list, the Ragdoll almost also keeps its claws retracted during play. Their soft fur is easy to maintain and their short legs make them adorably clumsy. The perfect puss for those who want plenty of cuddles, play and affection. 

most affectionate cat breeds tonkinese

Image via: Cat Time


Both beautiful and charming in equal measure, the Tonkinese is arguably the most vocal of felines. Like many others, they like to do things on their own terms, but they also expect to be treated equally in their home. Be sure to reciprocate their affections, and remember to answer when they speak to you!

most affectionate cat breeds birman


The beautiful blue eyes and long fuzzy fur of the Birman are what set these beauties apart from the rest. Incredibly kind-natured, playful and good with children, these kitties will make the perfect family pet.

most affectionate cat breeds cornish rex

Image via: Green Gato


The feline version of man’s best friend, the Cornish Rex is every bit as playful and social as a Golden Retriever. They live an active life and enjoy playing fetch as much as the next dog! Their distinct, curly hair, strong but dainty bodies and oversized, pointy ears set them apart from the others, and they will bring a vibrant personality to every family.

most affectionate cat breeds maine coon

Image via: Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is fantastic with children, strangers and other pets, which makes them ideal if you have little ones, animals or a lot of visitors. Their long fur needs to be maintained to ensure it doesn’t become matted, but luckily they don’t mind being fussed over. Playful, loving and patient, anyone who owns a Maine Coon will fall instantly in love.

most affectionate cat breeds egyptian mau

Image via: PetSmart


With one of the most striking patterned furs, the Egyptian Mau is every bit as pretty as it is sweet. While they won’t follow you everywhere you go, they will show affection in abundance, especially with children and the rest of the family. Fairly shy with new people, Maus will often look to their owners for safety, but will tolerate other pets they share their home with.

Have you been lucky enough to own one of these affectionate cats? Tell us in the comments below!

Aideen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, from Northern Ireland. She grew up with a sassy tabby cat, named Lucky, who proved unlucky by nature, creating mischief wherever her paws took her. She currently has a British Shorthair cat called Indy, who has a penchant for the finer things in life. She loves combining her passion for writing, fashion and cats, spending her days blogging with Indy by her side.

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