Pop Up Dog Portrait Booth to Launch at Affordable Art Fair

alma haser dog portraits affordable art fair london

Pina poses for the camera at Alma Haser’s Dog Photobooth 

With one in ten UK dogs now boasting their own Instagram account, the pet portrait business is a booming one. Almost half of dog owners take more pictures of their dog than their significant other and the #dogsofinstagram phenomenon continues to sweeps the nation, as the literal top dogs of Instagram can demand significant sums for every square shot.

And to celebrate the Brit’s unending love for their four-legged friends, Hampstead’s Affordable Art Fair will be installing a dog photo booth where award-winning portrait artist Alma Haser will capture stunning portraits of canine guests.

Haser’s dog photobooth is a contemporary pet portraiture service that allows her to combine her love for animals with her skilled and discerning eye and offers pet owners a unique opportunity to go home with a prized portrait of their furry friend. Known for its pet friendly policy, the Affordable Art Fair opted to included the dog photobooth in in response to the rise in demand for professional dog portraiture.

alma haser dog portraits affordable art fair london

alma haser dog portraits affordable art fair london

alma haser dog portraits affordable art fair london


If you too, want to try your hand at pet photography – whether you’re a novice with a penchant for pets, or a skilled photographer with a high-flying dogstagram account, – check out Alma Haser’s top tips for taking the perfect dog portrait:


Dogs come in all shapes and colours, so picking the right backdrop is the key to getting a beautiful end result. Pale backgrounds will drown out light-coloured dogs and vice versa for black dogs against dark backgrounds. Similarly, if you’re too far away from your dog when shooting, chances are they’ll get distracted by something that’s closer to them and run out of shot.


Incorporating some of you dogs favourite tennis balls or chew toys can be a great way to bring their personality to life and make your final picture look even more visual. I also use a lot of flowers in my work which look stunning against the natural colour of a dog’s fur.


A dog-loving friend on hand with a toy or treat always works well, especially if you’re trying to shoot very still, precise shots that require the dog to stay in one place for a long amount of time.

Finally… have fun! Some of the best shots I’ve taken come from really natural, spontaneous moments.

Hampstead’s Affordable Art opens its doors to the public on Thursday 11th May and runs until Sunday 14th May. For tickets to all dates and further information, visit their website here

Lucy is a Sydney-based book and travel writer, formerly from the UK. She grew up with three sisters and a house full of pets, including a beloved black Labrador. Since moving to Australia she likes nothing more than dog-sitting for friends, and heading out to explore the city's many walks with a furry companion in tow.

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