How to Create Your Own Lush Indoor Cat Garden

how to make your own indoor cat garden

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If your cat spends most or all of their time indoors, a cat garden is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and provide some much needed stimulation. Cats are natural foragers so an indoor garden is an ingenious little boredom buster that your cat will get a kick out of sniffing and bushing against like they would in the great outdoors. A properly curated cat garden with the right selection of plants will also provide plenty of health benefits for your feline. 

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Here’s our quick guide to creating a lush and stimulating indoor garden for your cat:


To start with, you’ll need to pick a place to put your garden. If you can, try to have it close to a window where your plants can absorb natural sunlight throughout the day, plus your cat will love basking there while they enjoy the garden.

You will need to consider what size garden you can accommodate in your home. If you live in an apartment or a flat, you can save valuable floor space by placing your garden on top of an existing piece of furniture like a side table cabinet or window ledge, or even integrating it into your decor like the DIY pallet coffee table below.

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Be sure to have a steady table or surface that the garden can fit on. You don’t want a small area that your cat has trouble getting onto. If you cat struggles to get to the garden or you have it on a wobbly surface, you may end up coming home to a huge mess!


Once you have picked a spot in your home you feel both you and your cat can agree on it’s time to go shopping for some supplies. Cat gardens are cheap to make and easy to maintain so you should be able to get everything you need from your local garden store.

Opt for a planter which is the right height for your cat to get their head into, but not so big that they can climb into it and do their business!

Choose some soil that will help your plants grow and thrive. Go for organic if you can so you’re not passing on any nasties to your cat. If in doubt, speak to your local garden centre about the best options. 

Next you need to pick out what plants you want to spoil your cat with. Catnip is the most obvious choice but some other plants you may want to consider are cat grass, mint, cat thyme, lemongrass, and valerian. 

grow your own cat grass

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Here are some of the more popular plants to put in your garden which are cat safe and a great are sure to prove popular with your pussy:

  • Catnip: Can calm your cat and relieve stress and anxiety
  • Cat grass: Provides numerous nutrients that benefit your cat as they enjoy chewing it
  • Mint: Has a welcoming scent that most cats will enjoy as an addition to their garden
  • Cat thyme: Gives off a scent that cats enjoy almost as much, if not more, than catnip
  • Lemongrass: Has a catnip like effect on cats and can make a great substitute
  • Valerian: Helps to calm anxious cats and is great to use when going on trips or to the vet

These are just a few of the herbs you can place in your garden. If you want to add in other plants for yourself be sure to check they are edible for cats. While you might not think your kitty would be into dangerous plants, cats are quite notorious for eating flowers that they shouldn’t be munching on.

  • Make sure to follow all instructions on the seed packet or the plant guard after your purchase.
  • If possible, set a reminder on your phone for watering times and days so you don’t miss out during your first few weeks growing the cat garden.
  • If you don’t see buds within 3-7 days you may want to investigate why the plants may not be growing.
  • Never bury seeds deeper than their recommended depth or they won’t properly be able to absorb sunlight that they need to grow.
  • Always make sure to check your garden and remove bugs that may damage the plants to keep everything as healthy as possible.

Have you created your own cat garden? What are your cat’s favourite plants? Tell us in the comments below!

Aideen is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer, from Northern Ireland. She grew up with a sassy tabby cat, named Lucky, who proved unlucky by nature, creating mischief wherever her paws took her. She currently has a British Shorthair cat called Indy, who has a penchant for the finer things in life. She loves combining her passion for writing, fashion and cats, spending her days blogging with Indy by her side.

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