2017 GIFT GUIDE: Gorgeous Valentines Day Gifts for Pets

You know they give the best snuggles and always listen to your problems, even when you’ve had too much wine, so don’t forget to treat your furry friend this Valentine’s Day! From cool catnip toys to designer dinnerware and lush pet pamper products, we’ve rounded 10 gorgeous Valentine’s gift ideas for dogs and cats!

styletails valentines gift guide for dogs and cats

  1. Wool Dog Travel Bed by Wool & Dogs 
  2. Pink Geo Dog Bow Tie by Hiro + Wolf 
  3. Heart Cookie Catnip Toys from etsy 
  4. Neon Pink Leather Dog Lead by Dogatella
  5. Free Hugs Dog Tag by Growlees
  6. Organic Puppy Shampoo by Pure Light Botanics
  7. Tondo Ceramic Cat Bowl by MiaCara
  8. Heart Dog Poop Pouch by Hiro + Wolf
  9. Flamingo Pink Leather Cat Collar by Cheshire & Wain
  10. Ivory Cat Cube by Meyou Paris
Have you found something perfect for your furry Valentine? Browse more beautiful designer pet products in our online shop.  

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