5 Fun Ways to Include Your Cat in Christmas

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It’s that festive time of the year again when our furry friends have a blast wrecking the Christmas tree, destroying the pristine wrapping of grandma’s new M&S slippers and hiding the baby in a manger – another fun toy to be found 10 years later under the sofa with all the other lost cat toys! And yet, with so much mayhem going on, we still need to think of other fun ways to keep our little mogs’ mind’s occupied, and keep them out of trouble for a bit longer than usual!

Here’s 5 fun tips for including your feline in the Christmas festivities:



Giving your cat his or her own climber for Christmas might just save your twinkly, freshly decorated tree. Cats love to be high up and especially away from little hands reaching to stroke them to death. It’s also the perfect place to retreat just after the Turkey has been devoured and before the family arguments begin. Treat your cat to a lovely floor to ceiling climber, placed strategically by the window. Cat TV (i.e. everything going on outside, including the local wildlife) can then run alongside the millionth repeat of Spartacus. My two Norwegian Forest Cats love the Hicat climber (pictured above) which they use to get to a strategically placed cat shelf. 


Whether you’re a omnivore, a vegetarian or like me, a vegan, we have to face facts – cats are carnivores and need meat to survive. And that’s why there is nothing a cat hates more than the smell of freshly cooked meat drifting from the kitchen, only to watch the humans gobble up the last dregs from the bones leaving them with nothing but salivating chops.

This Christmas why not treat your cat to the fabulous Animonda Carny exotic range of wet food with flavours such as Kangaroo, Buffalo and Ostrich? Only pure meat is used in Animonda Carny wet cat food so it retains the natural and unadulterated taste of meat which cats adore. 

cat christmas costume


Humans have convinced themselves that cats like to dress up as Father Christmas! Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? A little red hat and cape on a cat for a quick photo session may well put a smile on the face of Scrooge himself, so why not give it a go and spread some seasonal cheer?

Some cats hate this, so go easy on them and respect their wishes, but if your cat has a mild laid-back personality and will put up with a short and silly photo session in exchange for a tasty treat afterwards, then there’s no harm in a light bit of fun. Make the sessions positive and rewarding with healthy snacks. You never know, the pictures could go viral and give your cat superstar status!


Can’t think of what to buy Sooty this year? How about nothing! Most of our cats have more toys than Hamleys, but what they really would love on Christmas morning is to jump into a cardboard box and have a ball with the discarded wrapping paper. After the flurry of human excitement when adults and kids rip open presents with their bare teeth, why not leave the mess on the floor and entice your cat with a stick or piece of string poking out from underneath? I call this game ‘stick under carpet’ although this time it would be ‘stick under wrapping paper’. Nothing is more fun than watching your cat play with mounds of paper and cardboard boxes – and best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing!


After eating twice their own body weight, no one can move an inch after Christmas lunch. This is when it’s time to sit down to watch Christmas classics on TV. But why not give your cat a turn to choose what everyone watches? Allow him or her to put on some ‘cat porn’ like this fabulous movie made especially for cats! Why watch yet another repeat of The Great Escape or White Christmas when you can watch squirrels running backwards and forward burying nuts? I’m sure no one will know the difference anyway, once the alcohol kicks in.

The DVD provides hours of footage of our cats’ favourite critters from fish to birds to butterflies to mice – all nicely set against a backdrop of birdsong. Even the most stubborn grumpy mog won’t be able to resist taking a peek at the screen.

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to you all and if you do manage to get your cat in a costume, be sure to share the photos with us on social media @STYLETAILS and @Catbehaviourist

Anita is an accredited, vet referred cat behaviourist based in Notting Hill and a full member of The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. She is also a master cat groomer, specialising in working with timid or aggressive cats. She holds a first class honour degree in Feline Behaviour & Psychology (work based studies) and lives with her husband, a successful music producer and two Norwegian Forest cats. Anita writes regular features for Your Cat and The Cats Protection and is on the experts panel of Your Cat magazine.

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