The 10 Most Beautiful Cats You Need to Follow on Instagram

10 beautiful cats on instagram smoothie the cat

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts and you should never judge a book by its cover, but some cats are just really, really ridiculously good looking. From Smoothie, the most beautiful feline in the insta-verse, to Harry & Izzy, a pair of Bengals so sublime they will burn your retinas, we’ve rounded up 10 of the most gorgeous cats on instagram.

on a sunny day with my cuties ?

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This chic duo belong to Berlin-based photographer Ezgi Polat. Cliff, a Siberian and Neel, a British Shorthair, while away their time doing plenty of stylish lounging on various soft furnishings and enjoying breakfast in bed. Where can we sign up?


New to instagram, we love this pair of silver beauties. When they’re not playing with their Flamingo Catnip toy, they are draping themselves over, and curling themselves up inside of a delightful array of midcentury furniture.

Queen of the cat house??? #mainecoon #mykotty #mia @mykotty #friyay

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Fuji, the magnificent Maine Coon lives in Denmark with photographer Mia MortensonThis gorgeous girl is also a model from designer cat brand, MyKotty (seen above with the Mia Cat House). 


You know how no matter how many times you practice in the mirror, you just can’t seem to take a good photo, yet others are so aesthetically gifted that every angle seems to capture their beauty in all its glory? Well, meet Smoothie, the feline equivalent of these infuriatingly good looking people. This beautiful British Longhair has been taking the insta-verse by storm with her insane good looks – clocking up nearly 500k followers and counting. Oh did we mention she also has her own app? Some cats have all the luck.

Just really wish someone would bring me some donuts rn ? #pudgethecat

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This squidgy faced-girl is somewhat of a celebrity – starring in new film Nine Lives with Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner. When she’s not busy ordering room service in fancy hotels, she’s emblazoning her face all over Pudge merchandise and posing for the camera. Exhausting.

Many people confuse us with angoras, turkish van and other breeds. But we have to disappoint you. There's such a term "metis" or "crossbred". And this is a miracle of Мother nature, that we are to blond twin sisters with heterochromia. Our mother is white cat, and father is black and white cat. All the pure breeds are the results of generic selection. But the fact, that we have no distinct breed, and got all these fantastic features is truly amazing! Such a chance is one in a million! And we feel so blessed, that we've got that chance! Meow??? ——————————————– #catloversclub #cutepetclub #cats_of_world #bestmeow #instacatsrussia #инстаграмзверят #фотопетшопру #meow_beauties #Showmeyourkittiez #ilovemycat #instagramcats #we_love_cats #catsoftheday #lovecats #heterochromia #catsofinstagram #7catdays #bestcats_oftheworld #great_captures_cats #thedailykitten #instacat_meows #awesomecatfacts #excellent_kittens #cat_features #excellent_cats #catsofworld #kotomania #meowvswoof #catsliker #bestmeow

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OK seriously, these two are so exquisite it should be illegal. Iriss and Abyss are blonde twin sisters with heterochromic eyes – sort of like David Bowie, but in feline form. These ghostly girls live in St Petersburg in Russia.


They say red heads are fiery, but Chacha seems pretty happy to spend her time reclined and chillaxing. This Exotic Sorthair from Hong Kong is no stranger to a fancy bow tie or some tiny cat-sized headwear.


While other cats are sleeping, Harry & Izzy are on yet another adventure. This pair of Bengals love nothing more than cycle around in their bike baskets or exploring the world on their harnesses. Check out their FOMO-inducing escapades now.

Must get to the top! ?

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Hailing from Helsinki in Finland, Grace is a gorgeous girl who spends her time looking beautiful in minimal Scandinavian interiors, and climbing trees for fun. Her owner Polly Balitro is a photographer and visual designer.

Summer is coming ?

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Ferit is a Scottish Fold from Istanbul. Check out his instagram account for a lesson in how to perfect the ‘Blue Steel’ look. Hint: searing amber eyes and a shimmering silver coat will probably help.

Have you spotted any divine felines on instagram? Share them with us in the comments below!

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