Do the One Minute Parasite Check for Your Dog

how to check your dog for parasites

You know the type – they show up uninvited, drink all your booze and insist on playing Phil Collins on repeat all night (no wait, Phil rocks!). A wild, out of control party might sound like fun to some, but when the party guests are some of the nastiest parasites around and the party venue is your dog – it might be a different story!

Let’s be honest – parasites aren’t the sexiest topic, but if your pet has been afflicted by these unwanted guests, then you’ll know it’s definitely something you want to avoid. From horrible hookworms to terrible ticks, you can see from the funny (but not so funny) video below that these gate crashers take no prisoners, wreaking havoc with your poor pooch, both inside and out.

While they might be invisible to you, worms can set up a raging party inside your dog’s intestines (gross), causing all sorts of sickness and in some cases even death. Worst of all, they can also be transmitted to humans – NO THANKS!

I learnt my lesson the hard way after leaving George with a dog sitter for a week while I went on holiday. I never worried too much about ticks and fleas because he didn’t come into contact with lots of other dogs or walk in areas that were high-risk for those types of nasties. When we picked him up however, we noticed he was scratching – A LOT. After a quick trip to the vet it was confirmed that he had an infestation of fleas (some as big as lobsters it appeared!) and he was not a happy chappy. Needless to say, I stay on top of his flea and tick prevention now.


All dogs are at varying risk of parasites depending on your dog’s age, where you live and the type of places your dog visits. If you want to find out which parasites you should look out for, how your dog comes into contact with them and what symptoms to be aware of, visit Parasite Party to do a quick one-minute check.

And if you’re the forgetful (or busy) type like most of us, you can even register for a reminder to take your dog the vet for a parasite check. For more information, head over to

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