Photographer Creates Hilariously Enourmous Images of His Dog

This is not the first time we’ve heard of a dog rescuing a human (see our interview with Rafael Mantesso and his Bull Terrier, Jimmy), but it is certainly one of our favourites.

Having hit a low point in his career and with his health also suffering, Minnesota-based photographer Christopher Cline came home from hospital to find his girlfriend had bought him a puppy. Since then, Christopher and Juji, the undeniably adorable Golden Doodle have formed an unbreakable bond.

Wanting to document their life together in a fun and creative way, Christopher started photo-shopping images of himself with an enormous Juji, in various charming picture-book style settings. The photos went viral on instagram (@Christophercline) and Christopher is now creating amazing images for pet lovers all over the world! We caught up with him to find out more….

Chris Cline Dog Photographer

Chris Cline Dog Photographer
Chris Cline Dog Photographer
Chris Cline Dog Photographer
Chris Cline Dog Photographer

How did the idea for the images come about?

There never a defining moment when I decided to only do our edits together. It all started out as a comical way to display our life together, but it received such a strong response that I just continued to produce images.

Tell us about Juji and how he came into your life? 

Juji came into my life at really low time in my creative career. I had been sick and spent some time in the hospital and when I got home there was a puppy there. It was sort of a therapy for me. I immediately fell in love with him.

How do you come up with ideas for the shots and which have been the most fun to create? 

“Our greatest ideas really come to me on a daily basis. There’s never really a plan. It’s more of a ‘how I feel on a daily basis’ kind of art. If I’m feeling low and it’s raining, we produce very calm images. But if it’s a beautiful sunny day we tend to produce happier images.”

Why do you think your images have struck such a chord with people? 

“I truly believe that the edits I create bring people back to their childhood. I create an escape from everyday living that allows my followers to experience the carefree life a child and his dog experience together.”

How has Juji changed your life and what do you love most about him?

“Juji has definitely changed my life and the course it has taken. He inspires me to remember that life isn’t always about money, or success, it’s about taking advantage of the short time we’re given to do something fantastic with our lives that we truly love”.

Can you create images for other pet owners?

I offer my work to people all over the world now. It’s incredible. Clients send me photos of themselves and their pets (dogs, cats, hamsters) and I provide them with a high resolution edited image. Something they can cherish. It’s a dream job.

To commission your own image by Christopher, email his or via Instagram @Christophercline or Facebook.

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