New Woof Dog Beer is the Perfect Pint for Your Pooch!

woof dog beer

If you read this headline and were chuckling at the thought of your dog stumbling home with a kebab, you will be sorely disappointed (as will your dog if they love a late night meat-based snack).

Newly launched Woof Dog Beer is a non-alcoholic health elixir. Unlike the human version which may lead to poor decision making (drunk texting anyone?), Woof Dog Beer won’t result in a hangover, the walk of shame, nor will it cause your dog to wake up next to a stranger. In fact, this stuff is infused with so much much goodness, it could be described as liquid gold for your four-legged friend!

Woof Dog Beer is lovingly made from a highly secret recipe of bone broth, made from cattle bones from a UK farm in Swaledale, and wholesome brewers wort (barley malt), from the very best local craft brewers. DEFRA-approved and with the thumbs up from Sciantec, the UK’s largest pet food lab, Woof Dog Beer claims to improve digestion, boost the immune system, heal sore guts and promote healthy skin, coat and joints.

woof dog beer

Woof Dog Beer is the brainchild of Gabby Imerson, a mum from Tynemouth who has taken a drastic change in career direction spurred on by her love for her three dogs, VV, Dolly and Knuckles. Having run a successful branding company for over 15 years, Gabby is now brewing Woof, a dog beer with a difference to the other chemically based gimmicks currently available.

“My husband owns Three Kings Brewery and having watched the brewing process many times, I often wondered if there was something I could do with the waste product from his brews. With dogs at home, I had tried the dog beers currently available but they are just chemically enhanced drinks with no health benefits.

“A year ago I started working on developing Woof, a nutritious drink for dogs, made with bone stock and the left over malt from the brewery. We launched in October and have many regular stockists already.”

Well, to that we say ‘bottoms up!’ Find our more about Woof Dog Beer and where your pup can enjoy a pint at

What do you think? Would you let your dog try out Woof Dog Beer? Tell us in the comments below!

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