10 of the Cutest Bunny Rabbits on Instagram

cute bunny rabbit

Whether your dog or cat person, I think we can all agree that fluffy bunny rabbits are the best. And with Easter coming up, what better excuse than to celebrate the most huggable, flopsy, mopsy cotton tails in the insta-verse? From lovely Lionheads to adorable Angora’s, we’ve trawled instagram for the very cutest (and most photogenic) bunny rabbits out there. Now, hop to it!


Wally the English Angora rabbit shot to fame last year on account of his unbelievably massive, fluffy ears. Well, it’s not so much that the ears are massive as the rest of Wally has had a little trim. Either way, that is one seriously spectacular hairstyle. He and his owner Molly live in Massachusetts. Follow them if you think these ears would cheer you up on a daily basis.


Milla and Stella are two huggable house rabbits living free-range (cage free) in Sweden. Partial to the odd accessory, including floral crowns, bows and even sunglasses, these beautiful bunnies know how to strike a pose for the camera!

On the back of the sofa waiting for his bunny cookie. He does this everyday. ?❤️?

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Possibly the most famous bunny instagram account (848k followers and counting), Bunny Mamma captured the hearts of bunny lovers all over the world with her two rescue rabbits Eddy and Rambo. Both have sadly now passed over the rainbow bridge, but Bunny Mama now has three new fury friends (all adopted) – Moo, Oli and Taffy. Follow their adventures on instagram – you won’t regret it!


Imagine if you could have a good hair day, everyday. Bunny Pigi, a male dwarf Angora mix from Serbia does just that. And no one has told his owner that getting red out of white fur is a nightmare, because this furry critter loves nothing more than noshing down on a juicy, slurpy, sweet plate of red berries. Check it out on his YouTube Channel, the BunnyPigiShow.

Is it Monday already? ?

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What is it with the Swedish and their stylish Scandinavian house rabbits? Io and Kili are a male and female pair that could be straight out of a woodland fairytale. Partial to some dark leafy greens, Io and Kili love nothing more than good munch followed by a warm snuggle. BUNNY LOVE.



*HEARTWARMING ALERT* Liles Lops used to breed Holland Lop show rabbits, but now they take bunnies to nursing home as therapy for residents. If you love idea of older people filled with joy while they cuddle gorgeous bunny rabbits – then head over to their instagram account now and prepare to feel good!

This is his new favourite trick… oh Colin ? x

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Colin is a fawn coloured mini lop with flopsy mopsy ears. His favourite activities are cuddling his toy duck, Webster and sticking his head inside mugs. Join Colin’s 260k followers and soak up his cuteness immediately, if not sooner.

#throwback Molly with bunny ears!?

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Molly the light brown Angora is another happy, hoppy friend from Sweden. Along with her silver pal, Pluto, Molly spends her days looking like a powder puff that has just been vigorously shaken, eating bananas and donning a pair of dress up rabbit ears when Easter rolls around.

Do you see the resemblance? Behind the scenes for a sticky bunny bun recipe, coming soon #easterbunny

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Cleo’s mum is Diana Yen, food stylist, author and photographer from The Jewels of New York. Described as a ‘Produce Specialist’, Cleo, and English Angora gets first taste of all the fresh fruit and vegetables at their studio, nom nom. Follow Cleo for plenty of stylish shots and even some bunny themed tasty treats.



Melvin is a six month old Mini Lop Lionhead cross with a gunmetal grey coat, piercing blue eyes and the cutest white button nose you ever did see. Follow Melvin and his two month old little sis Bianca for plenty of fluff and herb munching goodness.

Do you or have you owned a bunny rabbit? Rabbits make great pets, but they are still a big responsibility and can live for up to 12 years. Their needs are still largely misunderstood by many owners so before hopping off to get one, make sure you check out this information from the Rabbit Welfare Association.

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