NEW: Pura Cat Fountain Monitors Your Cat’s Drinking Habits

Pura Cat Fountain

Lead your pussy to water and make her drink!

Bringing kitty to water is one thing, but making her drink is another. Cats are notoriously tricky customers when it comes to ensuring adequate water intake, and sadly this can lead to a number of feline health problems, some of which are fatal.

The Pura Cat Fountain combines an ergonomically designed drinking fountain, with a sensor ID tag worn on the cat’s collar and a mobile app for tracking. Together, these not only encourage your cat to drink more, but also enable you to track exactly how much your cat has lapped up each day – with the ability to monitor the drinking habits of all cats in a multi-cat household.

Pura Cat Fountain



Smart and minimal, the fountain unit appeals to a cat’s natural attraction to drink from fresh, running water, while also keeping their whiskers dry in the process. The fountain’s sensitive measurement technology tracks exactly how much each cat has had to drink and transmits this information to your smartphone via your kitty’s unique ID tag. Hey presto!

So then what? According to their Indiegogo page, “Pura allows cat owners to monitor the water-intake of their beloved kittens and determine if he or she is having enough water even when you are not around. Based on the profile info you enter for your cat on the Pura APP and the analytics of his/her water-drinking activities, the Pura app will offer you relevant health suggestions and alerts for your kitten accordingly. With Pura, you can prevent underlying health issues and seek veterinary care for your cats even before it is needed.”

Like the sound of that? Check out the Pura Cat Fountain campaign and support the launch at

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