10 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Felix - how to please your cat

Oh sorry – were you trying to do some work?

Just when you think you’ve got your puzzling pussy all figured out, they go and baffle you again with some bizarre behaviour – like climbing the curtains or drinking from the toilet!

The feline mind has always been one of life’s great mysteries, but there are a few things we know to be very pleasing to pussies. Inspired by this latest video form FELIX®, we bring you 10 simple ways to make your cat smile (figuratively of course).


Forget fancy toys, most mogs would rather mess around with a cardboard box. Try filling it with scrunched up paper for extra feline fun, and it’s FREE!


No, not on catnip (more on that later……). Cats love to perch in high up places where they feel safe, away from other pets and small children. Invest in cat tree or wall-mounted perch where your cat can watch over their territory.


Scratching is a natural, healthy behaviour for cats. Why not save your furniture and treat your kitty to a scratching post or cardboard scratch lounger for hours of claw-sharpening fun?

felix how to please your cat

Felix how to please you cat

felix how to please your cat


Playing is a great way to bond with your cat and provide stimulation – particularly for indoor cats that don’t get to exercise all their natural behaviours. Get to know your cat and see what types of toys float their boat. Try feathered lures, teasing wands, catnip toys and even interactive, reward-based puzzles to see what makes kitty go crazy.


If your cat ignores their water bowl and would rather drink from the kitchen tap, get your paws on a cat drinking fountain. The flowing water is just the thing to encourage thirsty kitties to drink.


Send your kitty on a trip with a sprinkling of catnip. This herb is said to give cats a natural high akin to marijuana – just keep the treats hidden in case they get a case of the munchies!


Cats tell us a lot about themselves through their body language. Learn to read your cat’s physical cues and get a better understanding of what they like and don’t like – are they telling you to “tickle my tummy” or “back off from the belly!” ?


Cater to your cat’s culinary desires and treat them to something special in the dinner department – they’ll love you for it!


Not all pussies like to be brushed, but some love nothing more than a good pampering. If your pussy falls into the latter category, treat them to a lovely relaxing grooming session.


When all is said and done, cats love nothing more than a good snooze (up to 20 hours a day in fact)! Whether that be on a sunny window ledge or in a designer bed, it’s just the thing your kitty craves to relax and revive.

If you haven’t had your feline fix, head over to the Purina FELIX® Youtube Channel for lots more kitty capers.

*This post is sponsored by FELIX®

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