FILM: The Pegasus Project – Time Lapse Video of Rescue Puppy

Get your tissues handy people – this one is going set the waterworks off. South African Director and film maker Dave Meinert has made a beautiful time lapse video of his puppy Pegasus on a treadmill. He rescued Pegasus from a backyard breeder, most of her siblings died at birth or were deformed.

Pegasus was born a ‘double-merle’ which means she has a severe lack of pigment. Most dogs with this condition are either born blind and deaf or lose their sight and hearing at some stage. Not knowing how long he’d have with her, Dave set about recording what time they did have together.

“Rather than focus on the negative, I wanted a way to document her good days of good health and celebrate them. I set about taking a picture of her growing up every day not knowing how long it would last. The result is a pretty amazing time-lapse that spanned half a year as she grew from a week 4 week old puppy to a 7 month old teenager. She’ll always be plagued with health issues but she’s happy and has the most loving disposition,” says Meinert.







It’s so beautiful to see what joy animals can bring – even if they’re only with us for a short time. I hope Pegasus has many more years to spread her goodness on the planet. Did you get choked up? Share your comments below.

See more of Dave Meinert’s work including the Pegasus Project on his website

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