TRENDS: 9 Slow Feeder Dog Bowls for Piggy Pooches


If mealtime at your place is a less than dignified affair (and I’m not just talking about those TV dinners), your dog might need some help slowing down with their chow – for more reasons than just bad table manners. Dogs that eat too fast can become bloated and suffer with digestion issues – not mention a lack of general stimulation.

To help your speed eater, we’ve rounded up nine modern slow dog feeding bowls which offer a much more interactive eating experience for your pooch, and who knows – dinner time might even last longer that five seconds if you’re lucky!

Best Slow Feeder Bowls and Anti Gorge Bowls for Dogs and Pets

1. Non Slip Stainless Steels Slow Dog Feeder by Indiepets £31.90

2. Oppo Food Ball by Oppo  – US$46.00 (£30.00)

3. Kaleido Good Manners Bowl by Fellipet – £10.95

4. Interactive Dog Feeder by Aikiou £23.75

5. Slo Bowl Flower Feeder by Slo Bowl – £13.94

6. Slow Bowl Feeder by Kyjen – £12.99

7.  Slow Feeder Bog Bowl by Martha Stewart Pets from $US$12.99 (£8.50)

8. Junior Slow Pet Bowl by Aikiou – £39.08

9. Mini Green Feeder by Northmate – £15.63

Do you have a piggy pooch? Have you found some inventive ways to get them to slow down? Tell us in the comments below!

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