10 Reasons Why Your Cat is Smarter Than Your Partner

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Could your pussy be smarter than your partner? Image: joythebaker.com

One has trouble not spilling ketchup on their new coat, the other cleans themselves fastidiously. One likes to take care of personal business in private, the other is always leaving the door open at such inopportune moments.

Ever wondered if your mischievous moggy could be smarter (and better house trained) than your partner? Inspired by this latest chuckle-worthy video from FELIX®, we’ve listed the top 10 reasons why your cat is probably cleverer than your other half:

1. You only need to watch the viral video of the cat riding the Roomba vacuum cleaner (be careful it’s addictive) to know that felines embrace a good floor cleaning with gusto.

2. While partners demand cups of tea, cats can help themselves to a good long drink straight from the kitchen tap (or toilet) – easy!

3. Cats are astoundingly clean and discreet when it comes to taking care of business, and they never miss the target.

4. Dinner doesn’t go cold when it comes to cats – they’re never late for a meal.

5. Been asking your other half to tackle that rodent problem for weeks? Get kitty on the case if you want a job done properly.

6. While felines might be fussy when it comes to food – they never complain about your choice of box set (Orange is the New Black, anyone?)

7. Cats never forget their keys and wake you up at 3am to let them in when they’re drunk.

8. Felines take up far less space in bed and very rarely wake you up with thunderously loud snoring.

9. A cat would never dream of questioning your choice of outfit.

10. Cats agree with you – ALWAYS.

If you haven’t had your fill of cheeky kitties, head over to the Purina FELIX® Youtube Channel for lots more feline fun.

*This post is sponsored by FELIX®

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