PHOTOGRAPHY: Crazy Cat Lovers by Andréanne Lupien

Andréanne Lupien believes in fairy tales, happy endings, magic and cats. Known as ‘Lupy’ to her friends, the 23 year old photographer from Montreal in Quebec has created a rather excellent series of images capturing the bond between people and their cats, entitled Crazy Cat Lovers.

Andréanne, who studied photography at Marsan college in Montreal, was searching for an idea for her next project when she found an old self-portrait of herself with her cat Colonelle. “I had fun taking pictures of myself with my cat, placing her around me in the room so that the final picture would result in my cat appearing multiple times in the photograph, in lots of different positions. That was it! This was going to be my subject – Cat lovers and their cats,” she told StyleTails.

A self-confessed pussy lover, Andréanne had noticed the current obsession with all things ‘cat’. “We can see the phenomenon of the ‘cat lover’ getting bigger everyday. From cat videos, pictures of cats, cat t-shirts and even coffee shop for cats – this was  my opportunity explore the topic.”

Andréanne started by photographing her friends with their cats, then the word spread from there. “I took my photography kit and set off on an adventure to explore the world of crazy cat lovers. I photographed friends and strangers – each with their own story. Every picture had its own essence and energy, its own universe. It was like visiting a person’s unique world.”

Cats aren’t famed for their willingness to take direction or follow instruction, so Andréanne had to work on their schedule. “We needed a lot of patience. Sometimes the cat would just hide itself under a bed or a couch – so we had to be very patient and wait for it to appear.”

“Making Crazy Cat Lovers was was a hugely satisfying experience for me and I can’t believe how great it feels to accomplish a big project like that,” she says.

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