GROOMING: Lush Natural Dog Soaps by Wag and Ramble

natural dog soap by Wag & Ramble

Lavender, Lemongrass and Rose Hip Dog Soap by Wag and Ramble

New Hampshire based sisters Valerie and Jess Arruda have launched Wag and Ramble, a lush brand of all-natural, handmade dog soaps that quite frankly look good enough to eat!

Inspired by their rescue pups, Onyx, a five year old adopted French Bulldog and Rebel, a one and a half year old Border Collie Jack Russell cross, Jess and Val created Wag and Ramble for owners who want something gentle and natural for their pups.

lemongrass and peppermint dog soap by wag and ramble

natural dog soap wag and ramble

“We both had trouble finding truly natural and chemical free dog shampoos which is really what got the ball rolling. We’ve always found great satisfaction in doing things our own way. From the soap itself to packaging and design is something we’ve put our whole hearts into and is authentically us,” says Jess

Using ingredients like Lavender for its calming properties, Eucalyptus essential oil for its healing effect and raw oats to aid with dry, itchy skin, each bar is carefully formulated to be kind on dogs. “It is truly a labor of love, we only want the best for our pups so we use only use premium, all natural ingredients which are geared towards curbing common pup ailments like dry skin and hot spots.”

natural dog soap by wag and ramble

Onyx French Bulldog Wag and Ramble Dog Soap


Rebel Wag and Ramble Natural Dog Soap



“Onyx is a five year old adopted French Bulldog. After having three different families within her first three years of life, Onyx now lives the life of a queen – and that is the way she likes it! Then there is Val’s little dog Rebel. She is the wildcard of the bunch which is no surprise from a one and half year old Border Collie and Jack Russell mix.  Adopting her at just a few months old, Rebel has been a spitfire from the get-go and is our ever reliable energy booster during late night soap sessions. Needless to say we love them both dearly and they are endless sources of inspiration.”

natural dog soap by wag and ramble

All Wag & Ramble’s beautiful soaps are handmade from Val’s cosy one bedroom loft on the beautiful New Hampshire coast. “Keep an eye on Wag and Ramble in 2015 there is a lot more to come and we’re so excited to get to know our customers and their humans along the way!”

Wag & Ramble natural dog soaps at £3.75 each, delivered worldwide from their etsy store:

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