WELLBEING: 8 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Safe at Christmas

how to keep cats happy and safe at christmas

It’s tradition for families to feud over the festive season, but one thing you can do without this Christmas is falling out with your cat! Cat behaviourist Anita Kelsey shares eight tips for keeping cats happy and safe during the holidays. 

1. Place the presents up off the floor and shut the living room door at night should the Christmas tree be there.

2. Be mindful of wrapping presents with shiny ribbon, as they won’t remain on the present for long!

3. Always turn off the Christmas tree lights from the wall if you have a kitten that likes to play with wires. Lead coverings are always essential until your kitten is older.

4. Make sure the Christmas tree cannot easily be knocked over although, with a Maine Coon clinging to the top, this may be some feat! Consider a sturdy weight on the base to keep the tree in place.

5. When it comes to trees, the real thing can be a danger to animals, so consider another option such as a plastic, cardboard or metal tree. As well as being practical they can also look fun, funky and different

6. Have plenty of other toys for your cat to play with so they do not rush straight for the tinsel

7. If all else fails a tiny short squirt from a toy water pistol, or another training deterrent such as Stay Away will help to deter even the most curious kitty

8. High up vertical spaces are perfect for cats to climb up and be out of reach from excitable children and their new toys.

9. Your cat will tell you what they think of Christmas so make sure you listen and respect what they are saying

Anita Kelsey is an accredited, vet referred Cat Behaviourist based in London – catbehaviourist.com 

*Image credit: pudgethecat.com

Anita is an accredited, vet referred cat behaviourist based in Notting Hill and a full member of The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. She is also a master cat groomer, specialising in working with timid or aggressive cats. She holds a first class honour degree in Feline Behaviour & Psychology (work based studies) and lives with her husband, a successful music producer and two Norwegian Forest cats. Anita writes regular features for Your Cat and The Cats Protection and is on the experts panel of Your Cat magazine.

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