GUIDE: How to Bring Your Dog to Work

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The science is in and the benefits of having pets in the workplace are real. So with the healing power of a hug from a puppy doing wonders for workers, it’s no wonder more employers are becoming pet-friendly. But even if your boss has given the green light to bring your dog to work, make sure you introduce your pooch to the office the right way. Who knows, if Fido’s well-behaved, he might get to come in on a more regular basis!

  • Check whether any of your co-workers have allergies to dogs or a fear of dogs.
  • Does your dog bark or whine? Noisy dogs won’t be popular in the workplace.
  • Consider whether your work allows you to be with your dog at all times or can they be supervised by colleagues when you’re in meetings?
  • Think about where you will put your dog when they come to work – somewhere out of the way, like under your desk.
  • It goes without saying that your pooch should be toilet trained before you bring them into work – there’s nothing worse than discovering a little surprise in the office!
  • Only well-behaved dogs will be welcome at work – Before you bring your dog to work they should have their basic training in place.
  • Is your dog in any way aggressive or territorial? This is a definite no-no in the workplace.
  • Are there are dogs in your workplace? Does your dog get along well with other dogs?
  • Your dog should be up to date with all their vaccinations and health checks before you bring them into work.
  • Nobody wants a smelly pooch in the workplace so make sure your dog is clean and fresh before you bring them in.
  • What is your commute to work like? Is your dog happy to travel in the car or on public transport?
  • What is your contingency plan if your dog doesn’t get on well in your workplace?
  • Burn off some energy – you don’t want your pooch showing up to work full of beans; make sure you give them a good run or walk before work – 30 minutes is ideal, or longer for very high-energy dogs.
  • Make a designated space for your dog where you will keep their bed, bowl and toys. This should be out of the way of colleagues, walkways and doors. This will give them a safe and comfortable space to go to when they’re tired and keep their belongings out of the way of co-workers.
  • Make sure you schedule regular times to take your dog out for the toilet, and at least one or two walks during the day. While older dogs might be happy to sleep the entire day, younger dogs might be itching to get out and stretch their legs
  • While dogs are a nice distraction to have at work, they shouldn’t get in the way of other people doing their jobs. Ensure you have plenty of toys, chews and stimulation for your dog.
  • Ensure your dog is supervised at all times to prevent them from disturbing others, getting into trouble or hurting themselves.
  • Bed – something easy to transport and not too cumbersome – check out these awesome dog travel beds for inspiration
  • Food & Water Bowls – No one will like their favourite cereal bowl doubling as pooch plate so make sure you bring your own feeding accessories.
  • Toys – bring some toys to stimulate your dog, but nothing too high-energy and definitely no squeaky toys!
  • Chews – A great way to keep dogs occupied for long periods of time – Antlers are a good natural option that lasts for ages.
  • Collar, Lead & ID Tag – Your dog should be wearing their collar and ID tag at all times, plus you’ll need a lead for their walks.
  • Poo Bags – Cleaning up after your pooch is a must.
  • Food – If your working hours conflict with your dog’s regular feeding times, make sure you bring along a supply of their regular food.

Do you bring your dog to work or are you planning to? Tell us in the comments below! 

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