WELLBEING: Summer Pet Grooming Guide

Summer grooming tips for dogs and cats

Brush up! Here’s your essential grooming checklist to get Fido and Whiskers summer-ready.

Summer’s here and it’s time to get that body into shape! And we don’t just mean yours. The same way we all do some head-to-toe maintenance before we de-robe from our winter clothes and bare our bodies, so our furry friends need a good spring clean too. Regular grooming is not only essential for our pet’s health, but it’s especially important to step up the routine in the spring and summer months.


Due to the wet winter weather, coats can become matted and dry – so come the warmer months it is time for a good long brush. Be gentle as not to cause any irritation or pain and opt for a fine tooth comb on any stubborn knots. Cats and dogs generally shed all year round but they tend to shed a lot more around this time of year, so keep on top of it with regular brushing.

For longer coated pooches try an undercoat brush which assists in the shedding. By regularly brushing throughout this high shedding period you will also ensure they don’t ingest any hair, which is especially important for cats as they are prone to pesky hair balls (cough).


Our pet’s paws take a lot of pounding, especially on hot summer pavements. Help them maintain happy feet by thoroughly checking their paws and claws. Firstly, give them a good clean, checking for any injuries, paying special attention to any cracks they may have in their paws. If they do have splits or cracks, use a moisturising paw balm to assist in the healing, and regularly wash to keep clean. Tidy up the claws with a nail brush and then finally trim down to a healthy length – et voila!

how to groom cats


To complete the package, assess their specific needs and spend a little extra time on them. If they have sore and irritated skin, why not put together an oatmeal bath for them. Or if their fur is extremely dry use a conditioner to bring back the hydration.


A good scrub down in the bath will also help pets lose any excess fur they might be carrying around during the summer months. A lovely natural shampoo will be gentle on your pet’s coat, cleaning without stripping their sensitive skin and leaving them feeling fresh and fragrant.

Not all pets love baths, especially cats, so try to make the process as stress-free as possible for you both. Introduce your pet gently into a calm bath – no harsh running water. Make sure the temperature is just right, have some treats at the ready and an extra pair of hands if it’s a two-man job!


Once your pet is clean, dry, trimmed, shiny and soft, don’t forget their ears and teeth. Clean and check their ears for mites, fleas and ticks, especially important with bigger ears – Basset Hounds we are talking to you! Then give their teeth and gums a good clean – thanks to beef and poultry flavoured toothpastes created especially for our pets, this shouldn’t be too tiresome a task.


You know that feeling you get after you’ve had a wonderful pamper and you put on a fresh pair of pyjamas and climb into clean sheets – why not offer that to your favourite furry friend too? Launder their bed and blankets, or simply hand wash them in any gentle pet shampoo you have. Then soak the leads and collars in warm soapy water. You could even chuck in any toys to give them a good clean too.

Do you have any great Summer grooming tips for pets? Share them with us in the comments below!

Carly is a British beauty and lifestyle writer based in New York. A self confessed skincare enthusiast, fragrance buff and science geek, Carly reports on the latest grooming products and trends for pets, as well as the best in pet lifestyle from the US.

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