PET FRIENDLY: Date Your Dream Dog with Borrow My Doggy


Always had a hankering to prance with a poodle, run with a Rottweiler or frolic with a French Bulldog? Whatever your dream doggy, BorrowMyDoggy is bringing together dog owners with dog lovers to spread the canine love far and wide.

Owning a dog is a HEEEEEUUUUGE commitment, and for most people, the stupidly hectic pace of work and life make it pretty much impossible. Likewise, those who do own a dog often struggle to give them all the quality canine time they crave. New online community, BorrowMyDoggy is solving this quandary by connecting dog owners with local borrowers for walkies, playdays, sleepovers and holidays.

The concept means that owners can spoil their pets with extra walks, play dates and also help keep them out of kennels when they go away, plus the dog-less can also get a piece of the pooch-pie. “When owners lend their dog to a trusted dog borrower, the benefits are multiple, says Founder and CEO Rikke Rosenlund. “The dog gets more love and exercise, the borrower gets companionship, and the owner gets the peace of mind that their dog is having fun while they’re busy.”

Rosenlund came up with the idea for BorrowMyDoggy after looking after her neighbour’s dog while he was away. “It worked out great for all of us – I spent the day taking care of Aston and my neighbour’s mind was at ease knowing that his dog was being watched by someone who really cared for her instead of being stuck at home alone. Aston spent the day in the park having fun, and looking after her made me so happy,” says Rikke.

BorrowMyDoggy member Alice also has a lovely little arrangement with owner Gavin and his pooch Juno. They all meet at the tube every Friday morning for the handover and Alice takes Juno to work for the day where she gets to lap up attention from her many adorers. “I would love my own dog but cant give 100% to a dog at this time. This way I get all the joys of having a dog, just part time, plus Juno also gets lots of extra cuddles, walks and company that she might not have had otherwise,” says Alice.

The idea of handing your dog over to a stranger may seem slightly daunting, but BorrowMyDoggy do have protocol in place to make sure both owner and borrower feel comfortable. Once users create their profile and pay their membership fee of £25.00, all details are verified including phone numbers, addresses and photos. BorrowMyDoggy then recommend that owners and borrowers set up a meet and greet, or ‘welcome woof’ in a public space during the day to see how they all get along.  If they hit it off, they may go on a few walks together and do some house visits before they’re off and running (quite literally!)

BorrowMyDoggy currently have  thousands of owners, borrowers and dogs signed up across the UK so to find out more, visit


*Image: Vogue Nippon 2008

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