WELLBEING: How to Keep Pets Cool this Summer

Help pets cool down in summer

Hot dang! We’re smack bang in the middle of a glorious heatwave. While we rejoice at the opportunity to drink bubbles and get sunburnt, don’t forget our four-legged furbags need a little extra help keeping their cool when temperatures soar. Here’s our top ways to keep pets cool this Summer.

Twisty dog chew toy stylish summer

Frozen Fun

A great way to cool down your hot dog is to wet one of their favourite toys and stick in the freezer until it’s nice and chilled. Not only will they love tossing it about, it’ll also provide some welcome relief on a warm day. These colourful twisty toys from East End Best Friend work perfectly for hours of frozen fun.

how to keep pets cool this summer hot weather

Do the Doggy Paddle

If your pooch loves a paddle, fill up a tub or kiddie pool in the garden, or head to your local dog-friendly swimming spot for some splish splashin fun. If you live in London – Hampstead Heath has a swimming pond just for dogs. Always make sure you watch your pup in the water and that they have a spot of shade to hang in after their dip.

raindrop pet drinking fountain

Slurp it

Getting pets to drink when it’s hot can be frustrating, but both cats and dogs prefer to drink from running water. Turn the hose on and let them have a slurp or these Raindrop Pet Fountains from Pioneer are ideal to keep water fresh and flowing.

Billy & Margot Iced Treats

Cool Canine Treats

For a cool treat on a hot day, whip up some home made iced treats using frozen yoghurt or get your paws on some of Billy + Margot’s Iced Treats for dogs in tasty flavours like honey and banana, and apple and strawberry. Not too many though – keep that Summer figure nice and trim!

Millers Forge Pet Slicker Brush


Dogs and cats can’t take their fur coats off in Summer so give them a helping hand to stay cool by keeping them nicely groomed. Run a slicker brush like this one from Millers Forge, through your dog’s coat regularly to remove excess fur, especially for double coated dogs like Pomeranians and Huskies. For longer haired dogs, a trip to the groomers for a Summer trim may be in order.

Cat cool play

Ice Ice Baby

Ice cubes make great slippy slidey play things and pets love to crunch them too. Freeze water or some stock for a tastier treat and let your pussy or pooch play and chomp for some cool relief.

YB-BRY-S-rest2 630

Rehydrate on the Go

Playful pups can become dehydrated extra quick in hot weather so if you’re planning a day out it’s important to have water with you. These Yummy Bowls are nothing short of genius – with room for both food and water, they are spill-proof and water tight so you can stick them in your ruck sack and bring them out whenever your pooch needs a drink.

Dogs Die in Hot Cars

This one really goes without saying as you’d have to be a total MORON to leave your dog in a car on a hot day for any length of time.

Are you enjoying the glorious weather with your pets?

How do you keep them cool in hot weather?


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