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As many of you may remember, our young George is what they affectionately call, a mongrel. A lovely little mix-breed dog of indeterminate origin. Having come from Battersea we didn’t know a great deal about his background, the breeder, or exactly who his parents were. Ssshhh, don’t tell him the poor mite!

Although Yorkshire Terrier is a dead cert, we were curious about what else makes up our cheeky little chap. He’s certainly stockier than your standard Yorkie, with a longer snout and body. We’ve had all sorts of guesses from passers by, including Dachshund (he does have a rather long body), Schnauzer (the eyebrows!) and various terrible terriers.

To end the guessing game once and for all, I got my mitts on a a DNA kit from Wisdom Panel Insights. The process was pretty quick and painless – just wait till your dog is slightly drowsy, stick the swab in their mouth for a few seconds (without wiping it on yourself!), take a sample and pop it in the post along with the forms. Then you wait…….

Two weeks later an email pops into my inbox – ‘George’s DNA Results Are in!’ So, what exactly is George? Having joked about Doberman, Rottweiler and other unlikely breeds, we were rather surprised the discover that accoding to his test, one of George’s great grandparents was a Norweigian Elkhound! Now I’m not entirely sure if there was a mix-up in the lab that day, putting aside the, errrr logistical issue of these two breeds doing the funky chicken, but I can’t quite see the resemblance myself. What do you think??

George Dog DNA Test Wisdom Panel

I must admit, I didn’t know a thing about the Norweigian Elkhound and certainly didn’t think little George was harbouring this ancient beast within him. According Wisdom Panel Insights, the Norwegian Elkhound was bred as a hunting dog with the skills of a hound and the physical advantages of a Spitz. There is also evidence that the breed dates back as far as the Stone Age, with the known history dating back to around 5,000 BC when they hunted big mountain game like Elk and Moose.

Errrrrr the only thing I’ve seen George hunt out is an old pretzel stuck under a log?!

Now in its defence, the test did also highlight some other breeds that may also be in the mix, which seem slightly more feasible than the Elkhound including………

George Wisdom Panel 1

Do you have a mix breed dog?

Have you ever done a DNA test?

Can you believe George’s results!?

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